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Pieter Devos & Apart Top $145,000 Banorte Trophy at LGCT Mexico City CSI 5*

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With a total of 40 riders who participated in the Banorte trophy on Sunday March 25, which was the last CSI 5 * test of the LGCT Mexico. Summoned at a height of 1.55 meters with a jump-off, the test, design by Javier Trenor consisted of a total of 13 obstacles and 16 jumps, which by the number of riders who qualified for the jump-off, it seems that it did not have such a high level of complexity . With a total of 16 riders in the jump-off, the fans of Mexico City could not have had a better show to conclude with these tests CSI 5 *.

The dangerous Italian Lorenzo de Luca who won the 1.50 / 1.60 test on Friday, was the first to participate in the jump-off, setting the example, Lorenzo finished his course without fouls in a magnificent time of 36.35 seconds, leaving the situation very difficult for the other competitors. But Ireland could not stay behind with his rider Denis Lynch who gave everything to beat the Italian, although it was not enough to stay at only 6 hundredths of second, making a course without fouls in a time of 36.41 placing him in second place. It was not until the participant number 11, the Belgian Pieter Davos who doing a magnificent course without faults in which everything went perfectly, manages to lower the time of the Italian to 35.65 seconds, enough to place him as the undisputed winner of the Banorte trophy , lowering Lorenzo to second place and Denis to third. Only two more riders managed to make their way without fouls, the Belgian Jerome Guery with 37.79 seconds getting the fourth place, and the Austrian Christian Rhomberg obtaining the fifth place with 44.28 seconds.

Mexico City met all expectations for this magnificent event which leaves all the foreign and national riders very happy and excited to have participated in this beautiful and imposing stage in the heart of the city with its large grass course and its gigantic Mexican flag, one of the largest flags in the world. 

Pius Schwizer and Balou Rubin R get their second victory in the LGCT Mexico

The Russula trophy was the first CSI 5 * event of the day, with a total of 34 participants and summoned at a height of 1.50 meters against the clock, resulted in a total of 16 riders without fouls and the second victory of the Swiss Pius Schwizer after he won the qualifying Saturday’s test for the LGCT grand prix. Schwizer finished his course without fouls in a time of 54.34 seconds moving to the second and third place the Irish Shane Sweetnam with his time of 54.99 seconds and Darragh Kenny with 55.71 seconds.

Of 4 Irish participants in the competition, 3 of them managed to place within the best 5 and the fourth place was for the Spanish Eduardo Álvarez Aznar with Fidux, who had an incredible week in campo marte with a first place in the test on Thursday and a second place in Friday’s test leaving its mark on the awards of Campo Marte in these CSI 5 * tests that took place over the weekend.

Jorge Canedo two-time champion for the CSI 2 * of 1.35 now in the El Palacio de Hierro trophy

The last day of the LGCT started with the El Palacio de Hierro Trophy, a 1.35 meter test against the clock. With a total of 61 participants and only 15 of them managed to make their journey without faults. The Mexican rider Jorge Canedo, who won the Banorte trophy on Saturday, will take the victory now in the El Palacio de Hierro Trophy with a clean course in a time of 52.85, the second place was occupied by one of the last participants, Nicole Meyer who finished with a clean run in a time of 54.75 and the third place went to Manuel Álvarez with zero fouls in a time of 55.92 seconds.

Source: News Release by Oxersport

Photos: © Oxersport / Manuel Queimadolos