Jaroslaw Skrzyczyński Triumphant ahead of the Longines EEF Series Final at Warsaw Jumping CSIO 4*

Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (POL) & Loulou Mpsz – Photo: Lukasz Kowalski

Warsaw, Poland – September 15, 2023 – Jarosław Skrzyczyński (POL) gave the Polish crowd someting to cheer about on Saturday, riding Loulou Mpsz to victory in the world-ranking competition for the prize of PLN $108,700 Totalizator Sportowy CSIO 4*. Saturday at Służewiec was an upbeat indicator ahead of the Sunday’s Longines EEF Series Nations Cup Final of Warsaw CSIO 4*, the main event of the Warsaw Jumping CSIO 4*, uniquely combining the worlds of Olympic show jumping, horse racing, para dressage, and the more and more popular hobby horse. Emotions soared superbly and the tickets for the Sunday Longines EEF Series Final are no longer available.

Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (POL) & Loulou Mpsz – Photo: Lukasz Kowalski

As many as 48 individual competitors turned up this afternoon at the world-ranking CSIO 4* for the prize of Totalizator Sportowy, with the obstacles up to 145 cm. The arena saw a truly impressive performance by Poles – as many as five of them have made it to the jump-off, battling it out with ten other pairs on the course again designed by Gregory Bodo (FRA).

Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (POL) & Loulou Mpsz – Photo: Lukasz Kowalski

Seven out of fifteen duos posted a clear one, the fastest being Skrzyczyński and the 8-year-old Loulou MPSZ – scooping up a round gratuity and, even more importantly, the precious world-ranking points.

Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (POL) & Loulou Mpsz – Photo: Lukasz Kowalski

My mare is still young. She went through two competitions, flawless at both. She clocked third in the Longines-ranking competition; now she finished on top – which seems like a great result for a relatively inexperienced horse. – concluded the rider.

The parkour was becoming harder and harder, due to late hours – it was getting dark, so the arena became also a battle place of light and shadow. Quite a few horses fear that a lot. – he added.

The second spot was seized by the Swiss Sasha Barthe (SUI) and the 12-year-old stallion Essenar High Hopes, losing just 0,36 to the winners.

I had a few knockdowns over the last few days, so the double clear makes me feel much better. I am totally grateful for my horse. He was with me all the way and I think we could not run the course any faster. Normally, he can be a bit insecure and unpredictable, but today he was simply gorgeous. – commented the 29-year-old.

The podium came to completion with Sweden’s Erika Lickhammer-Van Helmond (SWE), who put her trust in the still inexperienced Koberline TN.

Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (POL) & Loulou Mpsz during the awards ceremony – Photo: Lukasz Kowalski

Final Results – PLN $108,700 Totalizator Sportowy CSIO 4*

1) Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (POL) & Lou Lou MPSZ – 0 / 0 – 39.47

2) Sasha Barthe (SUI) & Essenar High Hopes – 0 / 0 – 39.83

3) Erica Lickhammer van Helmond (SWE) & Koberlina TN – 0 / 0 – 40.46

Source: Press Release from Warsaw Jumping

Photos: © Warsaw Jumping / Lukasz Kowalski / Dave Palej