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Lucio Osório & Quastina Thrive at the Longines São Paulo Horse Show CSI 5*-W

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil – August 24, 2023 – The second day of CSI 5*-W competition at the 2023 Longines São Paulo Horse Show – The Indoor Jumping of Brazil got underway on Thursday at Sociedade Hipica Paulista (SHP). The most important showjumping event in South America provided much excitement late in the evening with the running of the R$100,000 Jump-off Challenge CSI 5*-W. In the end, a familiar face was back in the winner’s circle, Lucio Osório (BRA), guiding Quastina triumphantly in the 1.45m challenge.

On a track set up by 2016 Olympic Games course designer Guilherme Jorge (BRA), forty-eight combinations entered the indoor arena in the first round. As the third pair to go, Luciana Lóssio (BRA) and Lady Louise JMen proved their consistency once again, crossing the finish line in flawless fashion. Shortly after, Eduardo Coelho Barbara (BRA) and RSF Princesa guaranteed a jump-off, duplicating the feat. To the delight of the attendees, a total of 11 pairs managed to qualify for the decisive round, but two of them withdrew from the final round, thus providing fans with 9 additional performances.

Despite going almost halfway in the order, Lucio Osório and the 14-year-old bay mare were fast enough to put pressure on the remaining challengers, causing the three who lowered the time to have an obstacle down, keeping them at the top of the standings for good.

Lucio Osório (BRA) & Quastina

Osório highlighted the partnership with the mare: “Quastina was originally acquired in Europe for a student of mine and of a partner and years later I ended up buying her back with some investors. She is very special, she has had many victories. I know her very well, we are a very bonded combination, so it is another important victory with her in my career and I am very happy and thankful.

In regards to the jump-off strategy, he states: “Quastina is a very fast mare. I analyzed the competitors and there were some of them who could catch my time but I didn’t want to go all out, I went fast but without risking it all. It was the strategy I chose not to run the risk of having a fault.” Lucio is aiming for another win with her this week, since she has been chosen to take part in the Classic CSI 5*-W on Saturday.

Bernardo Braga de Albuquerque Pereira (BRA) & Campitello

Bernardo Braga de Albuquerque Pereira (BRA) and Campitello (Cador x Quick Star) were right on the heels of the winners, giving them a run for their money, having to settle for second place after two penalty-free performances and a final time of 35.26 seconds.

Flávio Grillo Araújo (BRA) & Kirk do Kach

As the only other combination to register a clean scorecard Flávio Grillo Araújo (BRA) and Kirk do Cach completed the podium, crossing the final timers in 35.71 seconds.

Lucio Osório (BRA) & Quastina during the awards ceremony

Final Results – R$100,000 Jump-off Challenge CSI 5*-W –1.45m

1) Lucio Vinicius de Oliveira Osório (BRA) & Quastina – 0 – 35.02

2) Bernardo Braga de Albuquerque Pereira (BRA) & Campitello – 0 / 0 – 35.26

3) Flávio Grillo Araújo (BRA) & Kirk do Cach – 0 / 0 – 35.71

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Photos: © Jumper News / 2Clac