CSI 3*

Kara Chad Chases Gold & Glory in the $38,500 George & Dianne Tidball Legacy Speed Challenge CSI 3*

Langley, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – August 16, 2023 – Kara Chad (CAN) and Easy Boy d’Aubey Z positively laid down the gauntlet in Wednesday’s $38,500 George and Dianne Tidball Legacy CSI 3* 1.45m.

Kara Chad (CAN) & Easy Boy d’Aubey Z

Second to jump Peter Holmes’ (CAN) 1.45m speed track, the pair blazed a trail, leaving out strides in four places on course. No one could match their performance, and they held the lead through the remaining 26 competitors, registering the winning time in 62.89 seconds.

John Perez (COL) came closest with Gigi-Carmen (63.71s), and Robert Blanchette (IRL) gave great chase while last to go to finish third with Chardonnay (63.94s).

Kara Chad (CAN) & Easy Boy d’Aubey Z

“I think [the first three fences were] really important—to get the correct numbers there, to do the leave-out. And then once he was on that tempo, he was kind of set for the rest of the course,” Chad said. “When you open up his stride, he just goes. By the end [of the course], I was having to slow him down.”

Chad has only been paired with the talented chestnut 9-year-old for about three months, but the gelding has wasted no time in establishing himself as a bright talent for both present and future. Easy Boy d’Aubey Z has won each of his last two international classes, and according to Jumpr App, he and Chad are averaging just penalty-points across all heights.

Kara Chad (CAN) & Easy Boy d’Aubey Z

“I think every round, he just amazes me. Any position he’s in—any speed class, jump-off class, 1.50m, 1.45m, whatever it is—he seems to rise to the occasion. That’s probably one of the biggest classes he’s jumped and he wins, so he knows what he’s doing, that’s for sure,” Chad expressed. “I think he’s a horse for the top sport, and he’s already proving that.

Identifying and producing young talent has become a strength of Maplepark Farms, the global business Chad runs alongside her partner, Matthew Sampson (GBR).

Kara Chad (CAN) & Easy Boy d’Aubey Z

“We’re doing it all and trying to involve everything. Obviously we’re still a new-ish business, with two or three years now [under our belts],” Chad said. “But we’re trying to see what works best for us, and so far [our strength has been] the buying of the raw and young horses and pulling out their potential and their talent and trying to showcase that—and then hopefully selling them on to an owner who’s appreciative of them. A good match is our our main goal at the minute.”

Kara Chad (CAN) & Easy Boy d’Aubey Z

With Easy Boy d’Aubey Z, Chad has found a good match of her own.

“I think [the owners] know that they have an excellent horse on their hands,” she said. “They’re really excited to see him doing so well.”

Kara Chad (CAN) & Easy Boy d’Aubey Z during the awards ceremony

Final Results – $38,500 George & Dianne Tidball Legacy CSI 3*

1) Kara Chad (CAN) & Easy Boy d’Aubey Z – 0 – 62.89

2) John Perez (COL) & Gigi Carmen – 0 – 63.71

3) Robert Blanchette (IRL) & Chardonnay – 0 – 63.94

Source: Press Release from Thunderbird Show Park

Photo: © Tbird