Top Show Jumpers in the August Auction of Dutch Horse Trading

With a couple extremely talented showjumpers, this month’s collection of Dutch Horse Trading is going to be an auction to remember. For the first time since the start of this auction, the DHT team members have taken five weeks to look for new horses instead of four, and that clearly resulted in some amazing additions. Check out the collection on and place your bid before Thursday, August 3, 20h CET, 2pm EST.

Whether as an investment horse or as a prospect to develop for the highest level of the sport, in a couple of years, we will for sure be reading about some of this month’s horses in the equestrian magazines. What to think of the 7-year-old highly competitive and super honest Quintana, the 6-year-old amazingly talented Congina or the 5-year-old scopey, quick, and powerful gelding Contour G Z? These three horses are a welcome addition to everybody’s string!

Top Talents and Horses for Every Budget
But besides these super talents, there’s a horse for every budget and for every rider! From the low adults to the high juniors and from the young horse competitions to Grand Prixs; DHT- clients at every level and discipline are delighted with their horses and don’t mind sharing their thoughts with the world.

Happy Clients Share Great Performances
DHT reference Korngold (Verdi x Kojak) was sold in this year’s April auction and is doing great in the U.S. said his rider Kerri Goodwin. Courtney Hicks and DHT reference Karona sailed to the top of the class in the $5,000 NAL High Child/Adult Jumper Classic at Fox Lea Farm.

Fourteen-year- old mare and DHT reference Jamaica (Action Breaker x Darco) is living her best life as a schoolmaster in the U.S.A. She was sold in this year’s March auction and totally lives up to theexpectations. Her new owner: “Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying Jamaica. She is so pleasant to be around. Let me know if you find another one like her!”

Check out the collection to see if there’s a horse of your liking, make sure you are registered and place your bid between Tuesday, August 1 and Thursday, August 3. Prices of previous auctions were fair, the team members are always willing to communicate with you about the horse, and clients come back after their initial purchase. We think that tells you everything you need to know about the honesty and the transparency of the auction of Dutch Horse Trading.

Possible to Try Out the Horses
Pedigrees, videos, X-rays, vet reports and more details are available on our website. But feel free to come and try out the horses yourself or to send somebody to do it for you. You can also have the horse checked by a veterinarian of your choice.

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What? Monthly sport horse auction of Dutch Horse Trading.
Who? 15 reliable and reputable horse dealers from Belgium and the Netherlands.
Where? Online at
When? Auction closes Thursday, August 3, at 20h CET / 2 pm EST. 

Contact? Niels Fabrie: +31 6 22 20 63 40

Source: Press Release from Dutch Horse Trading

Photos: © Dutch Horse Trading