CSI 3*

McKayla Langmeier & Jiselle NS Jump to First in the $38,700 GFL Environmental Welcome Stake CSI 3*

Traverse City, Michigan, USA – July 28, 2023 – McKayla Langmeier (USA) knew the door was open for her to take her first FEI victory of the Traverse City summer season on Friday of week four at the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival (GLEF). With determination, she sped to the win in the $38,700 GFL Environmental Welcome Stake CSI 3* with Linda Langmeier’s entry Jiselle NS.

McKayla Langmeier (USA) & Jiselle NS

“I’ve had this mare since she was 6 years old so we’ve grown up together,” Langmeier, now 23, said of the 9-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare (Balou Du Rouet x Voltaire). “I recently stepped her up into the three-star height and she’s been handling it so well. I have to thank North Star for the opportunity to have this mare. She’s the foal of Kachina, one of the horses Lou and Charlotte Jacobs had, so she’s really a family horse.”

Kent Farrington (USA) & Greya

When Langmeier returned for the jump-off, as one of 11 clear pairs from the original 37 entries, Kent Farrington (USA) led with Greya, the sole double-clear in 38.20 seconds, with the door left slightly open for another pair. Langmeier blazed around Andy Christiansen’s (ECU) course, clocking in at 36.00 seconds.

Alex Granato (USA) & Helios VD Nosahoeve

Alex Granato (USA) came close to catching her time, sliding into the second-place position with Helios VD Nosahoeve, owned by Kisma Equestrian, LLC, pushing Farrington into third.

McKayla Langmeier (USA) & Jiselle NS

Langmeier’s boldness paid off, scoring the mare’s first CSI 3* victory. “Going in for the jump-off, I wanted to test my mare because recently in the jump-offs we’ve been having one or two down,” she explained. “I still wanted to go fast and figure it out at that pace. My plan was to give it my best ride. She was right there with me every stride.”

McKayla Langmeier (USA) & Jiselle NS

When she first tried the horse, Langmeier liked Jiselle’s quirky style and knew they’d be a great match. “She has a lot of character,” Langmeier continued regarding why she adored the mare from day one. “She fights you here and there but she’s always so careful and keen to the jumps. When I rode her that was something I loved about her.”

Preparing for Sunday’s $145,100 Grand Prix CSI 3*, the future isn’t certain for Jiselle NS, but Langmeier knows she will continue to progress the horse at the CSI 3* and CSI 4* level as she is ready. 

McKayla Langmeier (USA) & Jiselle NS during the awards ceremony

Final Results – $38,700 GFL Environmental Welcome Stake CSI 3*

1) McKayla Langmeier (USA) & Jiselle NS – 0 / 0 – 36.00

2) Alex Granato (USA) & Helios VD Nosahoeve – 0 / 0 – 

3) Kent Farrington (USA) & Greya – 0 / 0 – 38.20

Source: Press Release from Traverse City Horse Shows

Photos: © Andrew Ryback Photography / Megan Giese Photography