CSI 3*

Morgan Bordat Beats Two Friends to Win the €60,750 Grand Prix de La Ville de Mâcon CSI 3*

Mâcon Chaintré, France – July 09, 2023 – Fifty-eight combinations were at the start of the Grand Prix 3* de la Ville de Mâcon Sunday afternoon. At the foot of the Château de Chaintré and under the Burgundian sun, the course designed by the French course designer Cédric Longis (FRA) offered the public a grand finale. Among the eight pairs qualified for the jump-off, Morgan Bordat (FRA) won with his faithful Uma and beat two compatriots and friends, Philippe Rozier (FRA) and Julien Gonin (FRA), respectively second and third with Prestigio LS La Silla and Valou du Lys.

Morgan Bordat (FRA) & Uma

Morgan Bordat (FRA), winner of the €60,750 Grand Prix de La Ville de Mâcon CSI 3* – 1.55m: “I couldn’t dream of a better birthday present from Uma! As always, Cédric Longis‘ course was very airy, fair. This grand prize was a real pleasure. With Uma we know each other by heart and we now do this with ease. I was last so I had all the information to know how to be faster than Philippe Rozier (FRA). Here we had a great week, the organization is excellent, the technical conditions excellent and then it’s always nice for me to win ‘home’!”

Philippe Rozier (FRA) & Prestigio LS La Silla

Philippe Rozier (FRA), second in the €60,750 Grand Prix de La Ville de Mâcon CSI 3* – 1.55m: “My feeling about the course of the first round was perfectly confirmed on the course. It was Cédric Longis (laughs)! I really like his work which forces us to be precise everywhere. Today we are eight clear, which is perfect since we all leave for something. We also saw some clear rounds with overdue time, for me the scenario was perfect. I was quite fast in the jump-off but I knew that Julien and/or Morgan would pass me. Julien’s mare has a lot more action than Prestigio, I also thought he had beaten me watching his jump-off… And then no. Morgan meanwhile tried everything without complex and I am very happy to share the podium with these two good and friendly riders!”

Julien Gonin (FRA) & Prestigio LS La Silla

Julien Gonin (FRA), third in the €60,750 Grand Prix de La Ville de Mâcon CSI 3* – 1.55m: “I came here with Valou so that she jumps classes that are a little lower than in recent weeks when she competed in a CSI 5*. She knows the Mâcon track well where we are always happy to come but she does not really like the rivers. This is also what led to this third place because I could not take all the risks in the jump-off in which a vertical was placed right next to it. She was nevertheless very attentive today and I am very satisfied.”

Isabelle Breul, Director of the Mâcon Chaintré Equestrian Center: “We had an intense week of sport here in Mâcon Chaintré on the occasion of this CSI 3*, a major event in our annual calendar. I would like to thank all the riders present this weekend for their trust and enthusiasm. I would also like to thank the City of Mâcon, the municipality of Chaintré and all of our institutional and private partners, without whom none of this would be possible. Finally, I have a thought for each member of the Mâcon Chaintré Events Association who has worked this week, and for some for several months, always with passion and professionalism, to offer the best welcome to horses, riders, their entourage and to the large crowd. Now focused on the next events on the program, in particular the CSO Grand National scheduled for September 7 to 10, and we look forward to welcoming the elite of show jumping again.”

Morgan Bordat (FRA) & Uma during the awards ceremony

Final Results – €60,750 Grand Prix de La Ville de Mâcon CSI 3* – 1.55m

1) Morgan Bordat (FRA) & Uma – 0 / 0 – 37.39

2) Philippe Rozier (FRA) & Prestigio LS La Silla – 0 / 0 – 39.47

3) Julien Gonin (FRA) & Valou du Lys– 0 / 0 – 40.08

Source: Press Release by Eloïse Lepine for Jumping International de Mâcon Chaintré

Photos: © Jumping International de Mâcon Chaintré / Clément Bouillot Photographie