CSI 3*

Jésus Garmendia Gallops towards the Gold in the €27,500 CaixaBank Trophy CSI 3*

Sariego, Spain – July 08, 2023 – The €27,500 CaixaBank Trophy CSI 3* fulfilled the aspirations of any good equestrian fan, with plenty of excitement in the jump-off and a large audience at the Yeguada Finca Maeza facilities. The class (1.45m), was a Winning Round one, with a winner’s round for the 14 best riders. Two of the qualified riders, Eduardo Álvarez Aznar (ESP) and Teresa Blázquez, decided not to participate, so the jump-off was reduced to 12 riders.

The first participant was Kevin González de Zárate (ESP) and the super fast rider from Alava lived up to his reputation with “Conthargos Rouge“. His 38’33 seconds seemed unreachable and although several pairs tried and came close, Kevin reached the final stretch of the winning round leading the standings.

However, another Basque rider, the experienced Jesus Garmendia Echevarria (ESP), who is having a magnificent show, was going to make the change of leader possible. The rider from San Sebastian took the maximum risk with the veteran “Valut 2” and managed what seemed impossible: to beat Kevin. The clock stopped in 37’69 seconds and Jesus Garmendia was able to receive the CaixaBank Trophy from the hands of Iñaki Gondra, Commercial Director of CaixaBank North Zone, at the trophy ceremony.

Fernando Martínez Sommer (MEX) & Lady van de Haarterhoeve

Fernando Martínez Sommer (MEX), who on Friday was second with the same mare, “Lady van de Haarterhoeve“, was third in this CaixaBank Trophy, with a time of 39’28, while Mariano Martínez Bastida (ESP) lost the victory when he knocked down the last obstacle, when his time was giving him the victory with “Elixir de Hus”.

Jesús Garmendia (ESP) commented after his victory that “the previous course seemed very technical to me. I told so to the Course Designer. You had to be very focused in all the lanes, you needed a lot of concentration, because it was very easy to have a pole down. Then, in the jump-off, the most complicated thing was the speed. And also the last obstacle, a vertical one close to the fence. I risked a lot in the entrance to the double, but I was able to do it because my horse is talented and everything went well”.

Final Results – €27,500 CaixaBank Trophy CSI 3* – 1.45m

1) Jesus Garmendia Echevarria (ESP) & Valut 2 – 0 / 0 – 37.69

2) Kevin González de Zárate (ESP) & Conthargos Rouge – 0 / 0 – 38.33

3) Fernando Martinez Sommer (MEX) & Lady van de Haarterhoeve – 0 / 0 – 39.28

Source: Press release (edited) from Oxersport

Photos: © Oxer Sport / Manuel Queimadolos