CSI 5*

Robert Blanchette & Chardonnay Claim the Champagne in the $145,000 Sun Life Derby CSI 5*

Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Alberta Canada – July 09, 2023 – The final day of the Spruce Meadows ‘North American’ CSI5* 2*, presented by Rolex brough tens of thousands of fans to the grounds to wrap up a great summer season of show jumping. The $145,000 Sun Life Derby CSI 5* was the feature event of the day and the crowds were ready to cheer the 16 entries on.

Robert Blanchette (IRL) & Chardonnay

The signature derby course was modified in 2022 by FEI Course Designer Leopoldo Palacios (VEN) but modeled after the original designed by the great Pamela Carruthers (GBR). There is over 1 kilometer of track, 18 obstacles (24 jumping efforts), yet to be jumped clear and under the time allowed of 158 seconds.

The natural obstacles including the Road Jump (Table Top) were no match for Robert Blanchette (IRL) & Chardonnay

Sixteen athletes representing 8 countries stepped through the iconic Clock Tower once more hoping to take a piece of the $145,000 purse of the Sun Life Derby CSI 5*. Robert Blanchette (IRL) was the second rider into the ring and put some major pressure on his competitors by navigating the derby track with no penalties on Chardonnay (Comme Il Faut x Jus de Pomme). Now Blanchette had to sit on the sidelines and wait to see if anyone else could also manage such a feat.

Robert Blanchette (IRL) & Chardonnay clearing the Devil’s Dyke

Tenth into the ring was Jim Ifko (CAN) and his stallion, Un Diamant des Forets. After watch a number of competitors have rails throughout the course Ifko was ready to make no mistakes. A hard bounce on the final fence of the Devil’s Dyke, but it stayed up and Ifko posted the second clear round of the day – there would be a jump-off.

Robert Blanchette (IRL) & Chardonnay getting ready to go down the bank

Two was the final number of riders in the jump off with no one else posting clear rounds. First into the ring was Blanchette, he laid down a clear round in the jump off with a time of 39.01 seconds.

Robert Blanchette (IRL) & Chardonnay clearing the Canada Planks, the final jump on course of the derby

Ifko and Un Diamant des Forets came into the ring for the jump off, they had to be clear and fast. Unfortunately they were not fast enough to catch Blanchette, crossing the finish line in a time of 39.69 seconds and into second place.

Well deserved treat for Chardonnay after a clear round in the $145,000 Sun Life Derby CSI 5*

Winner`s Circle – Robert Blanchette (IRL)

“You can go to a a show and you think you’re you think you’re almost invincible, and then you come here (Spruce Meadows) and you think, shoot, I can’t jump that. And then by the end of the tournament, you can jump it. I think get on your pony bareback and gallop around, jump up and down on the fields. Don’t just don’t just go to a flat ring and get to take riding lessons. Go and have fun on your horse and get to know it.” – Robert Blanchette (IRL) on competing at Spruce Meadows for the full suite of summer tournaments and finding success in the Sun Life Derby.

Final Results – $145,000 Sun Life Derby CSI 5*

1) Robert Blanchette (IRL) & Chardonnay – 0 / 0 – 39.01

2) Jim Ifko (IRL) & Un Diamant des Forets – 0 / 0 – 39.69

3) Kyle King (USA) & Chess – 4 / 148.40

Source: Press Release (edited) from Spruce Meadows Media

Photos: © Spruce Meadows Media / Mike Sturk / Dave Chidley / Jim Wells / Bart Onyszko / Tony Lewis