Élevage de Will Auction: An Extraordinary Collection from a Breeding Farm to Discover

Uccello de Will (Marlou des Etisses x Marlon) with Simon Delestre (FRA)

Less than ten years ago, the Élevage de Will was born. A few years later, Uccello de Will (Marlou des Etisses x Marlon) enjoyed a brilliant career at the highest level under the saddle of Pedro Veniss (BRA) and then Simon Delestre (FRA). Top-level sport has always been a real driving force for Élevage de Will, which also owns the performance stallion Marlou des Etisses (Quidam de Revel x Persan) and the great winner For Felicila (For Pleasure x Espri), who also evolved successfully with Pedro Veniss (BRA).

Over the years, Élevage de Will has continued to invest in outstanding genetics, acquiring the first daughter of Banda de Hus (Argentinus x Lefevre) by Chacco Blue and multiplying collaborations with Mare of Macha‘s MOMs. Today, it’s time for this passionate and discreet breeder-owner to make her cattery better known, by sharing the many treasures that this very young and successful breeding operation has passionately assembled over the years at an exceptional online auction.

Élevage de Will Auction
July 1-4, 2023

If you’re not familiar with Élevage de Will, you’ll be familiar with the strains represented there. Of course, Uccello de Will family is present, with his own yearling brother and a sister of his own. You’ll also find in the catalog offspring of Baltika des Cotis (Baloubet du Rouet x Landor S), full sister to Hans Dieter Dreher‘s (GER) international winner Vestmalle des Cotis (again clear this week in the CHIO Rotterdam Grand Prix 5*) and uterine sister to the equally great winner Urane de Talma. Foals by Conthargos and Casallco and two female embryos to be born in 2024 by Cumano and Argentinus! A real dream within your reach, especially as this is also the line of Rahotep, Jadis and Karla de Toscane!

Chacco Girl, first daughter of Banda de Hus by the incredible Chacco Blue is also present with her fillies Cara Blue by Will Z (Casallco) and Cassie Blue de Will (Conthargos) but also by a very rare female sexed embryo from Otto Becker’s crack, Cento.

The uterine sister of the highly-prized Caretina de Joter (Caretino x Contender), who enjoyed numerous successes under the saddle of Edwina Alexander, is sold in foal to Casallco, as is the full sister of Simon Delestre winner Chesall in foal to Chacco White. There are also two embryos by Chacco Blue and Cumano out of Diarada Z (Diarado x Nabab de Rêve), who herself has evolved at international level and is the daughter of Grand Prix mare Merveille de Muze and granddaughter of the iconic Qerly Chin.

Of course, it’s hard to miss the impressive Key West de Hus (Numero Uno x Calido), who is a sister to Meredith Michaels Beerbaum winner Bella Donna and no fewer than seven internationals!

Elevage de Will has also worked closely with Mares of Macha‘s MOMs, offering several exceptional embryos to be born in 2024, including two offspring of Imogen de Regor (Darco x Cento), a mare out of the famous Qerly Chin strain: a embryo by For Pleasure and a full brother to Latisha de Regor. A future brother to the great performer El Torreo de Muze by Heartbreaker. Their dam Funky Music de Muze (Vigo d’Arsouilles x Goliath Z) won an international Grand Prix.

The sale will close with a future brother to Quintol (by Heartbreaker) and six other products having jumped tests at 1m60!

As you can see, in just a few years, Elevage de Will operation in northern France has succeeded in bringing together an outstanding genetic stock, which she now wishes to share with other enthusiasts at an exceptional online sale featuring 26 lots for 4 days of bidding. The auction opens on Saturday, July 1 at 6pm and closes on Tuesday, July 4 at 8pm (CET).

Happy bidding to you!

Elevage de Will Auction
July 1 to 4, 2023

Contact :
Elevage de Will
+33 6 72 72 21 66

Source: Press Release from de Will Auction

Photos: © de Will Auction / Hippo Foto Media – Sharon Vandeput

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