CSI 2*

Elisa Broz & Tinkerbell Supreme in the $77,300 Grand Prix Surf & Turf International  CSI 2*

San Juan Capistrano, California, USA – May 24, 2023 – Elisa Broz (USA) and Tinkerbell flew to victory in the $77,300 Blenheim Surf & Turf International Grand Prix CSI 2*on Saturday, May 20, to cap off a highly successful week in San Juan Capistrano, CA, for the duo.  

Fresh off a win in Thursday’s $38,700 Speed Classic CSI 2* 1.45m, Broz and Tinkerbell returned to the Oaks International Grand Prix Field to clinch their second victory during the Surf & Turf International at the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park.

As one of three entries to navigate the Catsy Cruz-designed course without fault, Broz was the first to return for the jump-off, and she set the time to beat at an uncatchable 35.14 seconds. Finishing in second place with a clear jump off time of 37.03 seconds were Skylar Wireman (USA) and Crunch K, owned by MJ Kaplan, and third place went to Katie Kehring (USA) and her own King-Boy

My horse is very naturally fast,” said Broz of Tinkerbell. “She’s pretty quick over the jumps and on the ground. I talked with my coach Cassio [Rivetti], and we decided to be efficient, be fast, but let her do her thing in the jump-off. As long as I’m on the ball and staying efficient in the corners, she gets the job done, which is always nice. She’s pretty careful, so I just ride the track and trust her and let her do her job.” 

While Broz has learned how to ride Tinkerbell’s speed to great success in their two years together, it was not always that way. In fact, in the beginning of their relationship, their rides at Blenheim EquiSports looked quite different than Saturday’s impressive performance. 

Elisa Broz (USA) & Tinkerbell

“When I first got her, I wouldn’t say that I had a lot of control of her!” joked Broz, 18. “At Blenheim, at our first horse show, I think maybe I didn’t have the right bit on, she was just really hot. I think I did seven laps at a dead gallop! Now, we found the right bit, and I ride with Cassio Rivetti, so she’s in a really great training program.” 

While the 13-year-old Mecklenburger mare has a lot of blood in the ring, Broz says her personality is quite different in the barn.  

“She’s a really sweet horse on the ground; she has a very gentle personality,” explained Broz. “She loves naps. She’s a big napper. She’s kind of a people pleaser. I know she’s a horse, but it’s that kind of personality. She just tries really hard all the time. She’s been such a good girl, always, always a good girl.

“The team that I have behind me has done such a good job with Tink and also with me,” continued Broz. “I’m just very, very thankful for my barn, my groom, my trainers and of course my parents. They’re what makes everything run smoothly.”

Elisa Broz (USA) & Tinkerbell were presented as the winners of the $77,300 CSI2* Surf & Turf International Grand Prix. Photo: McCool Photography

Final Results – $77,300 Blenheim Surf & Turf International Grand Prix CSI 2*

1) Elisa Broz (USA) & Tinkerbell – 0 / 0 – 35.14

2) Skylar Wireman (USA) & Crunch K – 0 / 0 – 37.03

3) Katie Kehring (USA) & King-Boy – 0 / 18 – 68.37

Source: Press Release by Emily Randolph for Blenheim EquiSports

Photo: © McCool Photography