A Horse for Every Budget in the May Collection of Dutch Horse Trading

Again, the team of Dutch Horse Trading has found a wide variety of horses for their monthly online auction: many talented young jumpers, several interesting broodmares, a group of well-behaved pleasure horses & ponies, hunters, dressage horses, and older horses with show experience. Whatever you are looking for, you won’t regret to check out the collection on

There’s a horse for every budget! Auction closes Thursday, May 25 at 20h CET, 2pm EST.

Although the majority of this month’s collection consists of talented young jumpers in the age of 3-5-years-old, you might be surprised about what else is out there. Prices of previous auctions were fair, the team members are always willing to communicate with you about the horse, and clients come back after their initial purchase. We think that tells you everything you need to know about the honesty and the transparency of the auction of Dutch Horse Trading.

Interested horse enthousiasts come to the monthly auction of Dutch Horse Trading for several reasons. To find an investment horse, a sweet pony for their kids, a talented prospect to produce, a brood mare, or a lifelong partner. And there are probably way more reasons.

If you haven’t purchased a horse from Dutch Horse Trading yet, try it in the upcoming auction. Check out the collection and place your bid between May 23-25. You won’t be disappointed.

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What? Monthly sport horse auction of Dutch Horse Trading.
Who? 15 reliable and reputable horse dealers from Belgium and the Netherlands.
Where? Online at
When? Auction closes Thursday, May 25, at 20h CET / 2 pm EST. 

Contact Niels Fabrie for more information: +31 6 22 20 63 40

Source: Press Release from Dutch Horse Trading

Photos: © Dutch Horse Trading