Mury Marais Auction – A Passion for the Sport!

For decades, Catherine de Buyl‘s name has been associated with horse insurance as well as with the Mury Marais stud. A discreet figure in the business, she has succeeded where many have tried. For more than two decades, she has managed to supply her rider Patrick McEntee only with horses from her own stud, enabling him to compete on the international circuit without interruption.

Catherine de Buyl and her late husband are true horse lovers and amateur riders and decided many years ago to start breeding. They immediately understood that in order to breed, they had to aim for the top level. That year, Léon Melchior decided to sell the empty mares from his breeding operation.

Advised by François Mathy, the couple set their sights on Angélique Z and Ferdica Z. This is how the strains of Lingot Mury Marais Z, alias L’espoir Z and Johan du Mury Marais began breeding. Shortly afterwards, Catherine de Buyl spotted a certain four-year-old Legato at a young horse show, who became Mario Deslaurier’s Olympic mount. Guido Bruyninx, who at the time was riding the horses of the kennel, found his mother, the famous Zolonka, who left Sherry and Ever to the Mury Marais!

During decades of breeding, these enthusiasts have cultivated their stock with passion, constantly keeping the best mares, staying with a limited number … and continuing to acquire new stock with one motivation: the sport!

This is also the strength of this breeding where each of the mares has been tested in sport, often returning to breeding as soon as they have shown their qualities to perpetuate the best in-house strains. In recent years, Catherine de Buyl has allowed herself to cover more mares but after reflection and against her will, she has decided to let some of her jewels go because her infrastructure does not allow her to expand her breeding. This is how the idea of the Mury Marais Auction was born. A unique opportunity to acquire unique stocks that have been worked for years with passion and kindness with the sole aim of producing top level horses!

From the 6th to 9th of May:

Ciabatta Mury Marais Z, dam of lots 1 and 11:

 Ciabatta Mury Marais Z – dam of Catoki Embryo

Uterine sister to stallions Chagon Z and Action Z as well as internationals Chuba Z, Carthalvin JK Horsetruck, Askavin Z, Air Callas Z. Their dam is a sister to the performance stallion Capriol (GP 1M60) with Holger Wulschner

Orchidée Z dam of 2 and granddam of lots 6 and 18

Orchidée Z has evolved at the highest level under the saddle of Steve Guerdat and then for Zangersheide with Kristof Cleeren Orchidée has already produced Clarissima Z, Concert Z and especially Lloyd’s Mury Marais Z

Chamadea Mury Marais Z, dam of lots 3, 8, 12 and 16

Chamadea turned out at 1m50 level after being injured in her youth. She is a sister to Caramel MM Z, Air Pure MM Z and Cassis MM Z. Their dam Amandea Mury Marais Z turned out over 1m50 like her uterine sister Idame Mury Marais Z who is the dam of the crack Viva Mury Marais (GP 160).

Come Back Mury Marais Z, dam of lots 5 and 9

Come Back evolved in young horses before concentrating on breeding. Her dam is the GP 160 crack Viva Mury Marais Z, herself a daughter of the GP mare Idame MM Z who is also a sister to the GP mare Amadea MM Z.

Chatelaine Mury Marais Z, dam of lots 4, 7 and 14

Chatelaine herself jumped in the 140 event and is the dam of Passe Partout and the Caid stallion Mury Marais Z. Chatelaine’s dam is a full sister to Loro Piana Falco Z who has performed at the highest level but is above all a full sister to Flèche du Mury Marais, herself a great international winner and dam of the stud’s pride and joy, Lingot Mury
Marais Z, aka L’espoir Z

Tip Top mury Marais Z, dam of lots 10 and 15

Classed in the 140 class, Tip Top is a uterine sister to Chivas Mury Marais Z who has evolved into a GP1.60m. Their dam is a sister of the breeding’s leading horses: Ever and Shery Mury Marais Z who have both enabled Patrick McEntee to progress to the highest level of competition.

Cléopâtre Mury Marais Z, dam of lot 20

King du Mury Marais Z (Kentucky van’t Ruytershof x Cadaius Mury Marais Z)

Cleopatra is a full sister to the internationals Nestor MM Z and Crocus MM Z (1m60). Their dam is a uterine sister to Johan du Mury Marais and Champagne Mury Marais Z who both performed at the highest level.

Hortense B Z, dam of lots 13 and 17, granddam of lots 19 and 21

Hortense B Z, comes from an incredible lineage as no less than ten of her uterine brothers and sisters have evolved at international level, including three at the highest level of competition, including Patrick for South Africa, Luxgood for Canada and Santana B with Leopold van Asten. Hortense herself has an incredible production record as her five competition-aged offspring all perform at international level including Prestige du Mury Marais Z, full brother to Pin Up du Mury Marais Z (present in this sale) and Miss Mury Marais, dam of lots 19 and 21.

Mury Marais Auction
From the 6th to 9th of May:

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Source: Press Release from Elevage du Mury Marais Auction

Photos: © Elevage du Mury Marais Auction

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