CSI 3*

Déjà vu! Izac Ketteridge & Galerius Gallop to Another Victory at the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour CSI 3*

Oliva Nova, Valencia, Spain – April 14, 2023 – Lightning does strike the same place twice! After winning the €26,200 CHG Speed Challenge CSI 2* last week, Izac Ketteridge (GBR) and Galerius were back on top, this time in the €26,600 Rent a Car Dénia Trophy CSI 3* on Friday at the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour.

Ketteridge triumphed in the 1.45m speed challenge by guiding Elisha Simmons` 2011 dark brown Royal Dutch Sport Horse / Dutch Warmblood stallion (Diamant de Semilly x Sandro Boy) in flawless fashion all the way to the finish line, not only being clean by registering the fastest time of 68.45 seconds to beat all the other 62 combinations.

A frequent winner at the venue the past few years, Pedro Veniss (BRA) was the closest one to Ketteridge`s lightning fast time. He rode Boeckmanns Lord Pezi Junior (Böckmann’S Lord Pezi x Quattro 7) towards a penalty-free performance too, securing silver honors in 69.82 seconds.

To the delight of the home crowd, Carolina Villanueva Suarez (ESP) climbed onto the podium with Voice de Chenaie. Representing the host nation, Carolina managed to earn an honorable third-place with no penalties in 71.33 seconds.

Final Results – €26,600 Rent a Car Dénia Trophy CSI 3*

1) Izac Ketteridge   (GRB) & Galerius – 0 / 0 – 68.45

2) Pedro Veniss (BRA) & Boeckmanns Lord Pezi Junior – 0 / 0 – 69.82

3) Carolina Villanueva Suarez (ESP) & Voice de Chenaie – 0 / 0 –71.33

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Photo:  © MET / Hervé Bonnaud / http://www.1clicphoto.com