Stunning Collection of Jumper & Hunter Prospects in the February Auction of Dutch Horse Trading

BELGIUM & THE NETHERLANDS – Fancying a spectacular jumper or hunter? Have a look at the February collection of Dutch Horse Trading. It’s safe to say the DHT Team has compiled a stunning group of quality hunters and jumpers in all shapes and sizes, from small pony’s to large horses and everything in between. Go to  and place your bid between February 21-23.

After nine successful editions of their monthly online auction of sport horses and pony’s, Dutch Horse Trading has positioned itself as a trustworthy, reliable, and consistent supplier of talented showjumpers, hunters, equitation horses, and pony’s for various levels and goals. With the occasional dressage horse, some super cute ponies, and always a few good or outstanding hunters (horses and pony’s), horse people from all over the world find their way to

Clients Come Back and Purchase Again
If you haven’t purchased a horse from the team of Dutch Horse Trading yet, try it in the upcoming February Auction. The DHT Team guarantees you won’t be disappointed. Clients who bought in previous auctions have success with their new horses in the ring but also in their wallets. Investment horses get sold for a profit, and show horses perform well. Clients come back and buy again.

Diverse Collection
“This month, our collection is spectacular,” says Niels Fabrie, founder of Dutch Horse Trading. “We have Grand Prix prospects and promising hunters, but also a few jumpers that will make anyone happy who just likes to show and have fun. And, as always, we have several talented youngsters and a few dressage horses for sale.”

Direct Contact with Team Member
By organizing a monthly online auction, the team of Dutch Horse Trading has created a platform where everyone can find a horse of their liking. DHT offers a constant supply of quality horses.
All information about the horses is available on the website, and interested potential clients can find the contact details of the DHT team member who entered the horse. They can contact that team member directly and ask about the horse. “We will answer to the best of our knowledge. We want clients to trust us and feel confident when they buy at our auction,” says Fabrie.

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What? Monthly sport horse auction of Dutch Horse Trading.
Who? 15 reliable and reputable horse dealers from Belgium and the Netherlands.
Where? Online at
When? Auction closes Thursday, February 23, at 20h CET / 2pm EST

Source: Press Release from DHT – Dutch Horse Trading

Photos: © Dutch Horse Trading