CSI 2*

Tanimara Macari & IB Chica Claim the Crown in $50,000 Helgstrand Jewellery Grand Prix CSI 2*

Wellington, Florida, USA  – February 05, 2023 – The CHF$50,000 Helgstrand Jewellery Grand Prix CSI 2* capped FEI competition for the week during WEF 4 on Sunday. From a seven-horse speed duel over the jump-off track, Tanimara Macari (MEX) and IB Chica, a 2013 Hanoverian mare (Cador 5 x Escudo 19) owned by Eickendorf Horses, emerged the winners in a time of 36.54 seconds.

Second place in the CSI 2* feature event of the week went to Daisy Farish (USA) and Flairvona, owned by Bridgeport Farms coming in at 36.94 seconds, while third place went to Kelli Cruciotti Vanderveen (USA) and Gideon in 38.82 seconds for owner Serenity Farm.

Not hiding her excitement over the win, Macari said, “We didn’t really have high hopes today because she’s so long and being in the [Van Kampen] Covered changed our plan, but it worked out in the end. She was amazing today, and even with all the turning but she was so game.”

Tanimara Macari (MEX) & IB Chica with Helgstrand Jewellery presented as winners of the CHF $50,000 Helgstrand Jewellery Grand Prix CSI 2* by Marete Brix. Photo: © Sportfot

IB Chica joined Macari’s string at the end of 2022 and they have posted four top-five FEI finishes together, including and CSI 5* win in December. “We got her because one of my good horse’s got injured and she’s been on a roll I have to say.”

Macari admits the mare is not as straight forward as she may appear, noting, “She’s definitely unconventional. She has a very weird canter and has a few quirks, but it works. She’s a super nice mare and easy to take care of. She has a fighting spirit so when she goes in the ring she really gives everything.”

Macari is now hopeful that she and IB Chica will jump for Mexico in the Nations Cup CSIO 4*, presented by IDA Development, during WEF 8 .

Final Results – CHF$50,000 Helgstrand Jewellery CSI 2*

1) Tanimara Macari (MEX) & IB Chica – 0 / 0 – 36.54

2) Daisy Farish (USA) & Flairvona – 0 / 0 – 36.94

3) Kelli Cruciotti-Vanderveen (USA) & Gideon – 0 / 0 – 38.82

Source: Press Release from Equestrian Sports Productions

Photos: © Wellington International / Sportfot