Desert International Horse Park Announces Changes to 2023 Desert Circuit Schedule

Thermal, California, USA – December 23, 2022 – The schedule for the upcoming 2023 Desert Circuit at Desert International Horse Park (DIHP) has been slightly modified and is now available to view on our website. The most important change made was to designate the first week of Desert Circuit as National competition only, with the remaining eight weeks of FEI competition running as planned.

We have made additional minor changes to improve the flow of each week of the show, based on what we learned during National Sunshine Series and Desert Holiday. The hunter and jumper ratings for each week remain as originally announced.

The FEI schedule for the 2023 Desert Circuit is as follows:

  • Week I, January 4-8, 2023, will now be National rated
  • Week II, January 11-15, 2023: CSI3* with $227,500 in FEI prize money
  • Week III, January 18-22, 2023: CSI3* with $227,500 in FEI prize money
  • Week IV, February 1-5, 2023: CSI2* with $98,700 in FEI prize money
  • Week V, February 8-12, 2023: CSI3* with $227,500 in FEI prize money
  • Week VI, February 15-19, 2023: CSI4* with $347,000 in FEI prize money
  • Week VII, March 1-5, 2023: CSI3* with $227,500 in FEI prize money
  • Week VIII, March 8-12, 2023: CSI3* with $227,500 in FEI prize money
  • Week IX, March 15-19, 2023: CSI4* with $347,000 in FEI prize money

Full schedules for Desert Circuit, complete with the above changes, can be seen here.

The National show jumping schedule still features rider bonuses to be awarded at the end of the season, including the $100,000 National Grand Prix Rider Bonus and the $50,000 1.40m Rider Bonus. Taking place during week VIII is the $15,000 Speed League Final.

“We are excited about the new schedule for the upcoming Desert Circuit and believe it suits everyone’s needs and offers exciting competition across all levels,” said Steve Hankin, President and CEO of DIHP. “We are offering a new cadence of National and FEI competition this year, and we will constantly be learning and evolving to best meet our competitors’ requirements and offer the best possible schedule and competition environment on the West Coast.”

Stalls for Desert Circuit can be reserved here and entries can be submitted here.

Source: Press Release by from Desert International Horse Park (DIHP)

Photo: © DIHP – Tori Bilas