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Ales Opatrny & Forewer Fly to First for the Host Nation at the Global Champions Prague Playoffs CSI 5*

Prague, Czech Republic – November 17, 2022 – The 2022 Global Champions Prague Playoffs got underway on Thursday at the O2 Arena and the host nation got off to the best start possible. Ales Opatrny (CZE) and Forewer were responsible for the feat, flying to first in the €40,080 Individual Speed Challenge CSI 5*.

The outstanding Czech rider was supreme aboard the 11-year-old bay Czech Warmblood gelding (Caruso 279 x Grossadmiral) overcoming all the 1.45m obstacles and 55 other combinations in the tiebreaker, competing their flawless performance in 56.24 seconds.

Denis Lynch (IRL) and Cornets Iberio (Cornet Obolensky x Charlottenhof’s Iberio) were over three seconds slower than the winners, finishing second in 60.05 seconds.

Jur Vrieling (NED) and Griffin van de Heffinck (Castelino van de Helle x Contact van de Heffinck) also left all the poles up for no penalties, rounding out the top three in 60.36 seconds.

Final Results – €40,080 Individual Speed Challenge CSI 5*

1) Ales Opatrny (CZE) & Forewer – 0 – 56.24

2) Denis Lynch (IRL) & Cornets Iberio – 0 – 60.05

3) Jur Vrieling (NED) & Griffin van de Heffinck – 0 – 60.36

Text: Jumper News, no reproduction without permission.

Photos: © LGCT /  Stefano Grasso

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