SLF Auction Is Back With a High-Quality Collection of Showjumpers, Foals & Embryos

The highly successful SLF Auction of the three horsemen Harrie Smolders (NED), Walter Lelie, and Niels Fabrie is back with a super exciting collection of experienced showjumpers and talented youngsters, but also foals and embryos with top pedigrees. Go to  www.slf.auction  to check out the collection. Bids can be placed from September 19-21.

It has been a while since the last SLF auction, but quality is the number one requirement for world-class young horse producer Walter Lelie, matchmaker Niels Fabrie, and Olympic rider Harrie Smolders (NED). Only when they have found an outstanding collection of quality horses they get the wheels rolling and start organizing their next auction.

Quality & Trust
“We carry two important values, which are quality and trust,” Walter Lelie says. “We want to have a good horse for everyone. Whether it’s an equitation horse, a hunter, a jumper, a junior horse, or a young horse, we only select horses that we think could belong to the best in their discipline or category.

Woodbridge BS (Tobago Z x Quincerot van T&L)

And by following and selecting the horses ourselves, we stand behind every horse in our collection. We want clients to know they can trust us.” Lelie is excited about the collection. “The level is very high, and we have a couple of extremely exclusive foals in the collection.”

Family of Horses that Shaped my Career
Harrie Smolders (NED) agrees with his partner. “It’s an excellent collection that contains family members of horses that made my career. There’s a few Emerald offspring, but also a foal from Don VHP‘s dam line and the full brother of Nixon van’t Meulenhof!”

Three Auction Days
“We have more ridden horses compared to the last auction,” Niels Fabrie ads. “Approximately 30. The 5-year-old and older horses will be auctioned on Wednesday, the 21st of September, the last day of our auction. “The first day, we will auction the embryos and the foals.

The second day is for the free jumping 3-year-olds and the ridden 4-year-olds.””We really look forward to seeing how the 4-year-olds will do together with the 3-year-olds because they looked very promising when we filmed them,” says Lelie.

So, Summing up the Facts:
What? SLF Fall Auction with a great collection of exclusive embryos and foals, promising youngsters, and talented showjumpers for every jumper discipline.
Who? Harrie Smolders, Walter Lelie, and Niels Fabrie
When? September 19-21
Where? Online on  www.slf.auction

Source: Press Release from SLF Auctions

Photos: © SLF Auctions

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