A Cool Head & “Hotshot” Performance by Wilm Vermeir to Win $111,800 CaseIH Prize CSIO 4* at Warsaw Jumping

Warsaw, Poland – September 08, 2022 – The first day of competition at the 2022 Warsaw Jumping CSIO 4* & CSI 2* was marked mainly by the PLN $111,800 Grand Prix Qualifier CSIO 4* for the prize of CaseIH and under the patronage of Koń Polski.

Fifty-eight combinations down the starting list and the jackpot of just over PLN $100,000 – the competition also counted for the Longines Ranking. The Italian course designer had come up with a course of 12 obstacles (14 jumps) of 145 cm height. The stake was not just financial bonus and the right to ride the Grand Prix, but also the world ranking points to gain.

The first one to complete the mission flawlessly was Anthony Condon (IRL) of Ireland, to be followed by the clear rounds of – among others – Maikel van der Vleuten (NED), the bronze medallist of the World Championships and Eion McMahon (IRL), who ranked eighth at the European Championships 2021. None of them was this time close enough to beat the winner, Wilm Vermeir (BEL).

The Belgian and his Hotshot mare clocked the round at 61.95 seconds, which brought them 50 additional points in the Longines Ranking. The key to success seems to have been the tight, dynamic ride, particularly at the turns. The 10-year-old grey Royal Dutch Sport Horse / Dutch Warmblood (Carembar de Muze x Calido I) happens to be the daughter of the double silver medallist at the 2012 London Olympics – Glock’s London stallion (Carembar de Muze).

Andrzej Opłatek (POL) finished second with Le Cordial (Lyjanero x Singulord Joter). Quite like the winner, he decided to stick to a fluent, expressive ride, gaining extra time approaching obstacle number. 8. He finished the course in 63.05 seconds.

Mario Stevens (GER) of Germany with Carrie 22 (Christian) came third, after a clear round of 63.57 seconds.

The fastest in the competition was Jarosław Skrzyczyński (POL) – at 61.23, who would have won if it had not been for a knockdown.

Final Results – PLN $111,800 – CaseIH Prize CSIO 4* under the patronage of Świat Koni

1) Wilm Vermeir (BEL) & Hotshot – 0 – 61.95

2) Andrzej Oplatek (POL) & Le Cordial – 0 – 63.05

3) Mario Stevens (GER) & carrie 22 – 0 – 63.57

Source: Press Release (edited) by Hanna Zalewska for Warsaw Jumping

Photo: © Warsaw Jumping / Lukasz Kowalski