CSI 2*

Benôit Cernin & Boréale de Fondcombe Fly to First in €25,500 Hubside Store Prize CSI 2*

Valence, France – August 20, 2022 – While the €25,500 Hubside Store Prix CSI 2*, at 1.45m, seemed to be headed for Colombia and its rider Carlos Enrique Lopez Lizarazo (COL), despite having started number 9 in the event, it was finally the Frenchman Benoît Cernin (FRA), associated with Boréale de Fondcombe (Tinka’s Boy x Calvaro) who stole victory from him at the very end of the of the Special Two-Phase Challenge.

Four-tenths of a second, he was ahead of the Colombian rider and Jimcy du Lys (Quaprice Bois Margot x Venu du Theuil).

His compatriot Philippe Rozier (FRA) and Night Light Van’T Ruytershof (Gemini x For Pleasure) completed the podium by registering no penalties all the way to the finish line, securing the third spot on the podium in 30.98 seconds at the end of phase two.

Bernôit Cernin (FRA) & Boréale de Fondcombe

Winner’s Circle – Bernôit Cernin (FRA)

“I had gone very fast with my first horse in this class, Cookie de Vesvre, but unfortunately we knocked down the last obstacle. With Boréale de Rivendell, to be honest, I didn’t want to go so fast because I hadn’t mounted on it for a month. However, the mare was so comfortable in the first round that I felt she was ready to run. It was difficult to get pole position from Carlos [Lopez] but Boréale is naturally fast and jumped so well that I took quite a few risks on the last one in the end. Marie Pellegrin entrusted Boréale to me because she is bothered by an adductor at the moment. She is very easy to ride so I am happy to be able to take advantage of her qualities while waiting for Marie to get back in the saddle! Tomorrow morning ,we will take the time to relzx her before the Grand Prix, hoping that everything goes as well.”

Final Results – €25,500 Hubside Store CSI 2*

1) Benôit Cernin ( FRA) & Boréale de Fondcombe – 0 / 0 – 30.06

2) Carlos Enrique Lopez Lizarazo (COL) & Jimcy du Lys – 0 / 0 – 30.46

3) Philippe Rozier (FRA) & Night Light Van’T Ruytershof – 0 / 0 – 30.98

Source: Press Release (translated & edited) by Daniel Koroloff / Blizko Communication for Hubside Jumping Valence

Photos: © Sportfot