Cavalex Auction: “A Collection Built with Passion”

After years of breeding and working to bring their young horses themselves to the highest level. And the success of the development of their breeding and their cottages. Yoann and Alexandra Lepage – Rantet faithful to their values of quality, authenticity, family, thought it was time to share the fantastic strain of Nangaye de Kergane, alias Lady Lindenhof, by imagining this unique and exceptional sale by presenting today the fruit of their work of the last 20 years!

Unladylike at the wedding of Yoann and Alexandra Lepage

They have worked on this strain and it is above all a true love story. When Alexandra Rantet decided to leave Fontainebleau where she came from to settle in Brittany in order to develop a breeding and her activities as a rider, she met very quickly her future husband, Yoann Lepage with whom she would build their present haven of peace: the Cavalex Team is launched!

But a second encounter was quickly made, that of Louis Meunier, who then sought a rider and proposed to Alexandra to come up to his home twice a week to the Kergane breeding. Among the young horses to be set in motion, a certain Nangaye de Kergane who amazes the young female rider the first time she sees her in loose jumping. They will make their first jumps together and the young couple quickly acquires half of the mare. At the end of the age of a 7-year-old, they decided to acquire all of them. The mare makes them well, the couple marks the spirits and wins the two-star Grand Prix de Challans before winning the three-star Grand Prix of Dinard!

Their paths separate but before that, after leaving four products to the Kergane breeding, Nangaye left seven to the Flamingo breeding… with two stallions! On the one hand, with their own stallion Campo Flamingo Z and on the other hand, the world star and true legend of the selle français studbook, Baloubet du Rouet!

Under the saddle of Kevin Staut (FRA), the chestnut quickly becomes the darling of the French public with an unfortunate fault on the final obstacle of the Grand Prix of the CSIO 5* de La Baule but also a 9th place in the Grand Prix of Bordeaux and also a 4th of a major event of the CSI3* de Neuchatel-Hardelot.

Unfortunately, the romance lasts only six months. Kevin Staut ends his collaboration with Haras de Hus and Edouard de Rothschild acquires the small crack Selle Français by entrusting it to Luciana Diniz. Once again, Nangaye de Kergane, who will now jump under the name Lady Lindenhof, will be very competitive with many results on the most beautiful tracks in the world such as Geneva, Doha, Bordeaux, Miami but also Aachen where the couple takes second place at the European Grand Prix, also winning two victories in the major events of the stage of the Global Tour of Cannes as well as the Sunday Grand Prix of Valkenswaard before enjoying a well-deserved retirement at the stud in Meautry.

Meanwhile, Nangaye’s products also started the competition. Sangali de Kergane (L’arc de Triomphe) jumping in the French circuit while Souad de Kergane (L’arc de Triomphe) will jump in junior events and two stars in Italian colors while Coldparadise Flamingo (Baloubet du Rouet) continues his career in the United States.

The impressive qualities of his style made Unladylike (Campo Flamingo Z), one of his mother’s most iconic products moving up to the 2* Grand Prix but stopped in full swing by a late-detected gourm that prevented him from continuing his sporting career.

Finally, it is her own sister, Airelle Flamingo, who will shine first with Penelope Leprévost (FRA) before following in her mother’s footsteps by joining Luciana Diniz with whom she will take the 5th place of the Grand Prix of Sharjah! The story between Nangaye’s family and the Portuguese is not about to end as Geneva Flamingo, Nangaye’s little daughter, has just taken up her quarters in her stables while the second and third generation products will soon be in their age to become famous on the most beautiful tracks in the world.

Ehning Flamingo with Yoann Alexandra Lepage

As you will have understood, Cavalex Auction is a unique sale and a true family history. On the one hand, they have always favored recognized stallions or whom they know at their fingertips, such as Campo Flamingo Z, Popstar Lozonais or even by proposing here two foals of the first generation of their great hope Ehning Flamingo, son of Cardento and uterine brother of the mother of the late Berdenn de Kergane. His rider did not hesitate to say that he possessed all the qualities of a true championship horse.

The strain of the mare of their life, Nangaye de Kergane (aka Lady Lindenhof) is very well represented among the 21 lots of this sale. This will not be the only one, you will also find the strain of the incredible crack of Nicolas Delmotte‘s (FRA) Lucciano as well as that of another friend of the family, Olympique Vertigo du Désert who met Luciana Diniz thanks to the Cavalex team. It’s no surprise today that the only horse not born in Paimpont is a sister of Vertigo with a son of Nangaye!

Respect for the horse as a guideline. The organization of this sale will not have departed from this because it is essential for these two riders and breeders that each horse advances at its own pace to allow it to express its full potential when it reaches maturity. This sale is the true fruit of a craftsmanship guided by the passion and taste of the work well done.

Good sale to everyone.

Source: Press Release by Julien Menezig for Cavalex Auction

Photos: © Cavalex Auction

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