Flanders Foal Auction: “When you Go to Germany, You Better Have Something Good to Offer”

Esmee ter Heide Z (Emerald x Clinton) is closely related to the 1.60m GP horses Coupe de Coeur (Ludger Beerbaum), Russel (Nick Skelton) and California 25 (Holger Hetzel)

It will be the first time that Flanders Foal Auction will be held in Germany, on Saturday, July 23. The team has already been active in the USA, the Emirates, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands and, of course, Belgium and is now moving towards the German market. The next auction, with 22 showjumping foals, will take place during the youth show at Holger Hetzel Stables in Goch, Westfalia.

Foals from Flanders Foal Auction are being sold world-wide, also to Germany. “Paul Schockemöhle bought four last year, in spite of the fact that he breeds plenty of horses himself. The Holsteiner Studbook buys an interesting colt every year and after the last auction another four foals left for Germany, including one that went for 58,000 euro. Germany is an enormous market and still a growing market for us. By going there, we hope to further boost our reputation”, explains Gerald Lenaerts, together with Luk Van Puymbroeck, the organizer of the auctions.

A Lot of know-how
The new co-operation with Holger Hetzel was created recently. “It is an honor, of course, to be allowed to auction foals at his magnificent accommodation. He developed a great reputation and every year organizes one of the best showjumping horse auctions in the world. This puts us under a certain pressure. When you go to Germany, you better have something good to offer. They have a lot of know-how! But we did it. What we offer is genetically very interesting and the foals themselves are looking great.”

Contharello-K van’t Kattenheye Z (Conthargos x Hors la Loi II) is bred out of the 1.60m Grand Prix-mare

Selection Closed
Meanwhile all selections from Flanders Foal Auction are closed. “If we were to find a superb filly, she may be added to our collection, but for the rest our auctions for 2022 are full up. We believe that we have been very strict in the selection. We had to ignore some real good foals and that is hard to explain to the breeders. But we simply have no room for them. After the auction in Germany, we have an embryo auction in Dublin and then there are two foal auctions in Opglabbeek.”

Chivas de Nyze Z (Casall x Heartbreaker) is bred out of the 1.50m GP mare Urmina who already produced two 1.60m GP horses and is grandam of two 2.160m GP horses

Start at 20.00 hours
The auction at Holger Hetzel’s will start Saturday-night at 20.00 hours CET. Right before the last showjumping class all the foals are shown one more time. Which one will be the auction topper? There are so many favorites. Celebrated damlines are again represented, such as that of Usha van ’t Roosakker, Qerly Chin, Coriona van Klapscheut, Centa de Muze, Cornet Obolensky and Corrado I.

Online and telephone bidding is possible again, but we are hoping to welcome as many people as possible on the spot. Please, contact Sigrid Gielen to book VIP-seats or a table: of +32 476 25 86 47.

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Source: Press Release by Wendy Scholten for Flanders Foal Auction

Photos: © Flanders Foal Auction

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