CSI 3*

Sharn Wordley & Valentine Car Accelerate to Win $139,000 Coca-Cola® Grand Prix CSI 3*

Mill Spring, North Carolina, USA – July 9, 2022 – Sharn Wordley (NZL) and Valentine Car floated to the win in Tryon Stadium, claiming the $139,000 Coca-Cola® Grand Prix CSI 3* on Saturday during the fourth week of the Tryon Summer Series at the Tryon International Equestrain Center (TIEC).

Thirty entries filtered through the first-round course design set by Alan Wade (IRL), with eleven pairs qualifying for the jump off. Wordley and the 2009 Warmblood gelding (Son of Juan Car x Galiani CH) topped the class in style, even with the partnership being fairly new. They crossed the jump-off in 31.42 seconds to secure the victory.

“He won the qualifier as well; he’s a fairly new horse for me. I got him in the winter from Fernando Cardenas, who bred the horse. I just got him at the beginning of the year, and I just got to know him now where I feel like we have a partnership.”

Jacqueline Ruyle (USA) & San Chano

Jacqueline Ruyle (USA) and her own San Chano, 2011 Oldenburg gelding (Sandro Boy x Chacco-Blue), cleared the jump-off course in 32.14 to take the reserve ribbon.

Luiz Francisco de Azevedo (BRA) & Nashville

Luiz Francisco de Azevedo (BRA) and Nashville, the 2011 Oldenburg gelding (Sandro Boy x Chacco-Blue), rounded out the podium in a time of 32.57 seconds.

Jaiden Waddle was awarded the Equestrian Services International Groom’s Award for her care and dedication to Valentine Car, alongside Emma Brunnell, Brittni Raflowitz, and Anders DeShields.

Wordley was extremely complimentary of Wade’s tough course, “All of Wade’s courses are tough. I thought he did a very good job for the field; it wasn’t too big but it was technical, so you got 11 clears. So, I thought it was a good number and it was a fast jump off. I thought it was a great course, he nailed it again!”

For his jump-off strategy, Wordley said his goal was to simply go fast. “I saw Luiz go and he was quick; he did all the numbers I was going to do. So, I had to at least go as fast as him. So, I did the same numbers as him but my horse is just a bit of a faster mover. That was about all I could do; there was maybe one less to the last but I didn’t want to risk it.”

“It’s great to be here in Tryon as always,” Wordley concluded, “I jumped here at the very first show they ever did and I’ll be back again in two weeks time.”

Podium:2) Jacqueling Ruyle (USA) 1) Sharn Wordley (NZL), and 3) Luiz Francisco de Azevedo (BRA) in their presentation ceremony alongside (L-R): Ringmaster Steve Rector, Tryon Equestrian Partners Carolinas President Sharon Decker, and Tryon Riding & Hunt Club President Angie Millon.

Final Results – $139,000 Coca-Cola® Grand Prix CSI 3*

1) Sharn Wordley (NZL) & Valentine Car, 2009 Warmblood gelding (Son of Juan Car x Galiani CH), Fernando Cardenas: – 0 / 0 – 31.42

2. Jacqueline Ruyle (USA) & San Chano, 2011 Oldenburg gelding (Sandro Boy x Chacco-Blue), Jacqueline Ruyle – 0 / 0 – 32.14

3) Luiz Francisco de Azevedo (BRA) & Nashville, 2013 Belgian Warmblood gelding (Diamant De Semilly x Darco), Eurohorse BVBA: – 0 / 0 – 32.57

Source: Press Release by Connelly Grant and Sarah Madden for TIEC – Tryon International Equestrian Center

Photos: © TIEC / Natalie Suto