Youhorse.Auction: Good Horses for Every Rider

The team of had little time to enjoy the  amazing auction from early this month. There were again many transports to other countries to be arranged and they were able to make a lot of new owners happy with their recent purchase.

“Those are the fine moments for an auction organizer”, tells Mario Everse and Alan Waldman. “We even receive apps and videos week after week from riders and owners pleased with their horses.”

At the moment the 24th collection is online, again with horses that will bring a lot of pleasure. As always, also this collection caters for the professional and amateur riders and for those looking for eventing horses, hunters or equitation horses. “There are opportunities for everyone and we also keep the budget in mind!”

“We still often hear that good horses are hard to come by, but we have earned a lot of confidence from the breeders who offer their horses for sale directly to us. Thus sitting on the front row, we can continue to offer fine collections.”

The online bidding runs from the 2 to 5 July.

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