Alberto Zorzi Partners with Three Scuderia 1918 Horses for Higher Flights!

Varese, Italy – March 31, 2022 – Daytona della Caccia (S.I. 2013 – Diamant de Semilly x Caretino) and Hopkins 31 (Westf 2012 – Hogwart x Piano II) will start to compete ridden by Alberto Zorzi as soon as they have had time to get to know one another, alongside Scuderia 1918 Ludvig, bringing to three the number of horses that Scuderia 1918 has entrusted to the Italian Army rider. During recent seasons these three horses were entrusted to SGH Stables, technically managed by Stefano Cesaretto and produced by Giulia Martinengo Marquet and the team’s other riders. This emphasises once again how Scuderia 1918’s project is based on the team’s strength.

Such strength is generated by synergies established between its riders and in which everyone expresses his/her professionalism and makes it available to the others, from whom new energy is in turn acquired. The importance of a team is in the exchange of sensitivities and competences, in the harmony and the sharing, as well as in exchanging opinions to improve the group’s ideals. This is how equestrianism, in which winning is not the goal but the finishing line after a long journey, becomes the expression of a physical and mental symbiosis, of perfect harmony between horses and riders, a magical event. Team work shares tasks and multiplies success as its members become great together.

“I am very happy with the three horse I am riding for Scuderia 1918. We are working hard and ready to make our show jumping debut on small courses so as to better get to know one another”.


Source: Press Release from Scuderia 1918

Photo: © Scuderia 1918