Kevin McCarthy & Catch a Star HSS Return to Win $30,000 WEC Grand Prix at Wilmington

Wilmington, Ohio, USA – March 25, 2022 – Finale feature class action wrapped up week XV of WEC Wilmington’s Winter Classic horse show series in the Sanctuary arena. Micheal Pegg (CAN) designed the challenging tracks that allowed only two entries to advance to the jump-off and just a single horse-and-rider combination to go in the $30,000 World Equestrian Center Grand Prix

Kevin McCarthy (IRL) of K&K Sporhorses and his shining partner Catch a Star HSS (Sheraton x Tolinda), returned from a three-week hiatus to tackle tonight’s testing track. McCarthy and the twelve-year-old Swedish Warmblood mare have grossed countless WEC Grand Prix and feature class wins and they graced the winner’s circle once again today.

“We had a nice three weeks off from showing. I originally planned to only take one week and go snowmobiling, but it ended up being three. It was a great break mentally for me and my horse. We brought her back fresh and feeling good,” added Kevin. He and Catch a Star HSS have spent most of the winter away from their home base of Lexington, Kentucky to show at World Equestrian Center – Wilmington’s Winter in the Midwest show series. 

The pair delivered their usual captivating performance; lightning-fast and careful over each effort. McCarthy (IRL) expertly maneuvered Catch a Star HSS to a first-round qualifying time in just 75.632 seconds. They later returned, first to go on the jump-off course. The team appeared to approach the final track with a similar game-plan, to go fast and clear. They galloped over each effort, meeting each jump out of stride, to secure the $30,000 WEC Grand Prix win in just 42.942 seconds. 

McCarthy was complimentary of the track. “The course was lovely but also quite a testing track. Micheal builds very nice courses and I’ll take the win when I can get it… The main thing I would like to say is that we all miss our friend David (Beisel) and I wish him a speedy recovery. He makes it much easier to win when he’s not around, but we do miss him quite a lot!”  

Kevin McCarthy (IRL) & Catch a Star HSS during the awards ceremony

Final Results – $30,000 World Equestrian Center Grand Prix

1) Kevin McCarthy (IRL) & Catch a Star HSS – 0 / 0 – 42.942 

2) Lani Hutchison (USA) & Light Show – 0 / 4 – 43.402

3) Liz Hutchinson (USA) & Balugata – 4 / 70.460

Source: Press Release from WEC – World Equestrian Center

Photo: © Winslow Photography