Rolex Grand Slam: Questions & Answers with Marlon Zanotelli & Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli

How does it feel to be here at the first Rolex Grand Slam Major of the year?

Angelica: It is amazing to be here, it is very exciting. For me, it is the first time here and the fact that we can be here together is very special. It is going to be a great weekend I hope!

Marlon: I am really looking forward to it, I had a great show here last year. My horse is feeling very good, so I am hoping to go well. It is very nice to be here together which makes it even more special and exciting to have two chances of winning!

What are your dreams and ambitions for 2022?

Angelica: I have a very exciting year ahead of me, I have some opportunities that I didn’t have before, like this weekend for example. To compete here at a Rolex Grand Slam Major is completely new for me. I have also qualified for the World Cup™ Final for the first time, so I am very much looking forward to that.

Marlon: I am really looking forward to the Rolex Grand Slam events. Obviously, I really want to win one of the Majors, that is a huge aim for me. Last year I got very close, and it is definitely one of my dreams as a rider to win at least one, but hopefully more, hopefully three in a row! This year we have the World Equestrian Games™, it is something that we look forward to, and to win a big championships has always been my aim as a rider. So yes, a very exciting year ahead hopefully!

Marlon – you have had some fantastic results recently what has attributed to your recent success?

Marlon: My success is definitely down to my entire team. The owners I am working with are very supportive, our entire team at home is amazing. I have been away for two weeks competing but we have some wonderful riders and grooms at home who have been taking care of the horses. Angelica has been riding Grand Slam VDL for me to get him ready for this show. So, this is the main reason I am having this success – it is down to the people I have around me and I am very grateful to have such a strong team behind me.

Which horses do you have here this weekend?

Marlon: I have Grand Slam VDL, who has a perfect name for this show! He’s 11-years-old now and developed a lot last year. He jumped really well in the Saturday evening class here last year, jumping double clear to finish in 4th place. I have very high expectations for him this year, he has some great experience and is feeling very good at the moment, so let’s hope it all works out for him on Sunday in the Rolex Grand Prix.

Angelica: I have two horses with me; one 12-year-old called Kalinka van de Nachtegaele, she is a wonderful mare who has had some great experience and good results already. She is my main horse for this year. My second horse is a nine-year-old mare called Danna RJ, she is a little bit green for this level, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she hasn’t had as much experience as we would have liked. But she has a lot of potential, and I am very excited to see how she will do.

Do you get competitive against each other?

Marlon: I am very competitive, not just with the horses, even if we are playing cards or games I want to win! I try to push Angelica as much as a I can

Angelica: I always let him win!

Marlon: Angelica is also very competitive in the ring and when the time comes, she always delivers and makes it happen. I think we are both very competitive, but not against each other, we always support each other and try to make the other one better.

How do you decide who rides which horses?

Marlon: I would say the horses pick us, instead of us deciding which horses we would like. We try to see who fits the horses best and see how it goes. Sometimes we change horses throughout the season depending on where we are competing.

Do you ever have arguments over horses?

Angelica: No…

Marlon: Yes, of course… [laughs]. When Angelica was pregnant, I had to ride her horses and she was the most difficult owner I have ever had…

Do you share training regimes?

Marlon: Yes, we do, and it is definitely one of the reasons I have improved so much as a rider. Over the past five years Angelica has been there for me and helped me a lot along the way. We have had different experiences in life, she [Angelica] was based in Germany for so many years for example. I think we really help each other and improve each other, and I think that is what makes us so strong.

Angelica: We are so lucky to be able to do this together. Every day we train together, jump together, we exchange ideas together we are a really good team. It is a situation many riders would like to have, so we feel very fortunate to be in this position.

What would you say each other’s biggest strengths are?

Angelica: I could speak about a lot of strengths for Marlon. He is extremely talented and has an incredible feeling and way of understanding a horse when he rides. He has an amazing ability to make the horse work with him and creates a very special harmony with the horses. He is also very competitive, it doesn’t matter what horse he gets on, he always wants to win and usually does. It is so important to understand the horses and how to work with them, and Marlon has a very special gift to be able to do this so well.

Marlon: Angelica is also extremely gifted in understanding horses. She is very patient and listens to the horse which is sometimes very hard to do. You can see how much her horses improve when she starts working with them. She gives so much time to the horses and is very good at the flat work as well as the jumping and has a very good understanding of how to train them at home. She is a very complete rider, so for me to be around her so much, I learn so much from her.

Source: Press Release from Rolex Grand Slam

Photo: © Rolex Grand Slam / Peggy Schröder