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Jack Ansems & Fliere Fluiter Fly the Highest in $206,502 PKO Bank Polski Grand Prix CSI 3*-W at Cavaliada Tour Final – Kraków

Kraków, Poland – February 20, 2022 –  Dutch rider Jack Ansems (NED) was the best in the CAVALIADA Kraków Grand Prix. The win in the whole CAVALIADA Tour belonged to home athlete Jarosław Skrzyczyński (POL).

The Cavaliada Tour Grand Prix, for the prize of PKO Bank Polski, under the patronage of the Mayor of Krakow, saw 35 riders on the starting list. Only six of them managed to go clear over the 155 cm course. Dutchman Jack Ansems was ultimately unbeatable in the final jump-off.

“I thought it was a really big course. It had a nice beginning, but later it got difficult, especially with the big oxer in the corner and the line from the plank to the oxer in the middle. But it was a fair course, a proper Grand Prix. We are 1300 kilometers from home, so when there are only six riders in a jump-off, you always try to win and go for it.” – said Ansems, who took the win riding Fliere Fluiter – „It’s a 12-year-old mare by Zirocco Blue. I’ve been riding her now for four years. We started with the lowest classes, at 80 centimeters and we worked up to this level together. She is super smart and careful. But you really need to trust the mare. At home and at shows I do everything around her myself. She’s super smart.”

Jarosław Skrzyczyński (POL) & Inturido

Second place went to home rider Jarosław Skrzyczyński (POL) aboard the 9-year-old Inturido. Thus, the competitor became the winner of CAVALIADA Tour for the seventh time. Asked to sum up the rivalry, he said: “It’s a nice and motivating feeling. The competition was fierce, because everyone wanted to win and score points, if not for the World Cup, then for CAVALIADA Tour. In the jump-off I didn’t want to risk too much so as not to discourage Inturido as he is still young. I went quite fast but safe.”

Third place today went to Polish rider Przemysław Konopacki (POL) with Home-Run. In the CAVALIADA Tour ranking, second place belonged to Greek Angelos Touloupis, and the Grand Prix winner Jack Ansems stood at the lowest step of the podium.

The competition was also the last chance to score points for the Central European League ranking of the World Cup. After a fierce competition, the qualification for the final in Leipzig was obtained by Lithuanian Andrius Petrovas, Hungarian Zoltan Czékus and, for the fourth time in his career – Jarosław Skrzyczyński (POL).

Jack Ansems (NED) & Fliere Fluiter

Final Results – $206,502 PKO Bank Polski Grand Prix CSI 3* – W

1) Jack Ansems (NED) & Fliere Fluiter – 0 / 0 – 36.46

2) Jarosław Skrzyczyński (POL) & Inturido – 0 / 0 – 39.18

3) Przemysław Konopacki (POL) & Home-Run – 0 / 0 – 39.29

Source: Press Release from  Centrum Prasowe Grupy MTP for Cavaliada

Photos: © Cavaliada Tour