Lorenzo de Luca & Scuderia 1918 Highlight W: A New Horse for the Team to Reach the Stars!

Wellington, Florida, USA – February 09, 2022 – The partnership between Scuderia 1918 and Lorenzo De Luca (ITA) started in December 2018 when the exceptional performer stallion Halifax van het Kluizebos was bought with the intention of guaranteeing this extraordinary horse and rider combination continuity in their careers at the highest possible international level.

By buying Halifax, therefore, Scuderia 1918 not only sealed the bond between the two and guaranteed continuity for their careers, but also further strengthened the bond with the Italian rider.

Three years have gone by sharing events, projects, exciting shows and common objectives, consolidating this relationship and has now resulted in the creation of a new combination aiming for great success: Scuderia 1918 Highlight W is now Lorenzo De Luca’s new partner. The 10-year-old (KWPN grey – Berlin x Clearway) is already with the great De Luca.

In fact, Lorenzo and Highlight are spending the first months of the year in Wellington for the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF), where they are getting to know one another and gradually creating the necessary connection for competing in future shows.

For Scuderia 1918, the year 2022 therefore begins with short and long- term projects, strengthening alliances already established and forming new ones, with the intention of bringing new synergies to equestrian sports and developing the principle at the basis of its philosophy: A Team Always Wins.

Source: Press Release from Scuderia 1918

Photo: © Scuderia 1918