Jordan Coyle & Lisaniska Cool Quality on Fire to Win $15,000 Turf Tour Grand Prix at Wellington

Wellington, Florida – January 17, 2022 – The Irish are always a force to be reckoned with on the Turf Tour, with their talent in the ring highlighted appropriately over the emerald fields for which the show series is known. 2022’s second week of competition was no exception, with Irishman Jordan Coyle (IRL) flying through the jump-off as the final ride of the day to clinch Friday’s $15,000 1.40M Turf Tour Grand Prix. Set on the green polo fields at Polo West Estates, Coyle’s ultimate jump-off time barely edged out the previous record holder, shaving off precious hundreths of a second with tight turns and stride omissions to cross the timers and best a class of 18 riders. On January 19-21, the competition resumes for its third week, continuing its tour of Wellington estates with To-Kalon Farm hosting levels of show jumping, from .80M-1.40M, including a $5,000 1.30M Rising Star Classic, a $3,000 1.30M Speed Stake, and $15,000 1.40M Grand Prix.

Francis Derwin (IRL) & Scarlett du Sart Z

Coyle (IRL), as the final ride of the day, was aiming to beat leader Francis Derwin’s (IRL) jump-off time. Piloting Vlock Show Stables’ Scarlett Du Sart Z, Derwin jumped-off to finish in 30.378 seconds, beating out Coyle’s time of 32.132 seconds with Ballyoskill Big Bucks. The Grand Prix course set by Eric Hasbrouck featured a jump-off offering riders a number of options to slice off precious seconds as well as challenges that could cost rails, including multiple one- and two- stride combinations and rollbacks to test agility and staying power. Coyle (IRL) tackled every challenge, showcasing a combination of speed and scope with Lisaniska Cool Quality to win the class with a jump-off time of 29.294 seconds.

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Final Results – $15,000 Turf Tour Grand Prix

1) Jordan Coyle (IRL) & Lisaniska Cool Quality – 0 / 0 – 29.294

2) Francis Derwin (IRL) & Scarlett Du Sart Z – 0 / 0 – 30.378

3) Jordan Coyle (IRL) & Ballyoskill Big Bucks – 0 / 0 – 32.132

Source: Press Release by Holly Johnson / Equinium Sports Marketing for The Ridge – Turf Tour

Photos: © The Ridge – Turf Tour / Romeo Ghete Photography