West Palms Events Selected as the Winning Bidder to Enter Negotiations to Operate the Del Mar Horsepark

Del Mar, California – January 12, 2021 – Dale Harvey, President and CEO of West Palms Events was the successful bidder on a request for proposals generated by the 22nd District Agriculture Association in regard to the 63-acre Del Mar Horsepark. 

“I really felt strongly that we cannot afford to lose venues for horse shows in California,” says Harvey of his decision to bid on the property. The next step in the process of re-opening Del Mar Horsepark for horse shows, events, and some limited boarding is negotiating and obtaining a contract with the 22nd DAA. 

In the meantime, West Palms Events is fully committed to producing its full show calendar in both Northern California and Southern California. “I can assure exhibitors and trainers that West Palms is looking forward to the 2022 show season,” says Harvey. The full calendar and information can be found at www.westpalmsevents.com

 We look forward to welcoming everyone to our 2022 shows and will keep everyone updated on the progress with Del Mar Horsepark. 

Source: Press Release from West Palms Events

Photo: © West Palms Events