Inside the Rolex Grand Slam: Questions & Answers with Scott Brash – The Only Grand Slam Winner

You won the Rolex Grand Prix at Aachen in 2015 – CHIO Aachen must be an incredibly special show for you to compete at?

Absolutely. Aachen is a special arena – there’s a lot of history that’s been made in that ring. We all want to jump here, the conditions are excellent, the ground is amazing, the jumps are fantastic, and you really feel that the horses give something extra in this arena.

There are many world-class riders here at CHIO Aachen; who do you think will be the one to beat in Sunday’s Rolex Grand Prix?

I really don’t know, as the field is fantastic and there are many top horse and rider combinations. I think Daniel Deusser is going very well, and he’s been second many times here in Aachen, so I think he’ll be really hungry to make it a win. He looks to be on top form and his horses look in great shape, so if I had to pick one rider, I think he’s the one to beat.

Why are Majors so important in Sport?

I think Majors bring out the best competition. The best horses and riders come to the four Rolex Grand Slam Majors of the year. The four Majors are the competitions that everyone wants to win. From what I can see, this is also the case in tennis and golf, and all the other sports. It’s the best competitors that are there, and everyone is giving their absolute all. They don’t come around every other weekend, which makes the Majors extra special to win in a place like CHIO Aachen.

Do You Watch other Grand Slam Events, for example in Tennis and Golf?

I try to watch them. I caught the highlights of the Djokovic US Open final match last week. I do try to catch up on all of the sporting Majors, and I also enjoy watching Formula One, as well. Every sport is in its own bubble, so its great to witness some of the other top sport that’s going on around the world and appreciate the incredible talent on show.

Photo: © Rolex Grand Slam / Peggy Schröder