CSI 3*

Jean-Luc Mourier & Kielekoo van T&L Jump to First in €100,000 Hubside Grand Prix CSI 3*

Ratières, Drôme, France – November 29, 2021 – A French victory to conclude the first edition of the Hubside Jumping Winter Tour in grand fashion! Jean Luc Mourier (FRA) rode Kielekoo Van T&L to win the €100,000 Hubside Grand Prix CSI 3*at Haras des Grillons de Ratières, in Drôme (France).

Jean-Luc Mourier (FRA) & Kielekoo van T&L

Twenty-nine riders challenged the 1.50m course but only four managed to qualify for the jump-off and as often when it comes to going fast, the Rhônalpin Jean-Luc Mourier (FRA) rose to the occasion. At the helm of 2010 bay Belgian Warmblood gelding (Carabas Vd Wateringhoeve x Canadian River), Mourier registered the faster time between only two combinations that left all the poles up for no penalties, securing the win in 40.36 seconds.

Paul Delforge (FRA) and Britney du Banney (Marius Claudius x Elcosto du Banney) were the only other duo to post a clean scorecard, being timed in 40.86 seconds at the end of their jump-off performance.

Francois Xavier Boudant (FRA) and Brazyl du Mezel (Haloubet de Gorze x Apache d’Adriers) earned bronzed honors despite having one pole down for four penalty-points, completing their final effort in 40.49 seconds.

The Hubside Jumping Winter Tour returns to Haras des Grillons de Ratières on Thursday, December 2, this time a CSI 4 *.

Jean Luc Mourier (FRA) & Kielekoo Van T&L

Final Results – €100,000 Hubside Jump-Off CSI 3*

1) Jean Luc Mourier (FRA) & Kielekoo Van T&L – 0 / 0 – 40.36

2) Paul Delforge (FRA) & Britney du Banney – 0 / 0 – 40.86

3) Francois Xavier Boudant (FRA) & Brazyl du Mezel – 0 / 4 – 40.49

Source: Press Release by Daniel Koroloff for Hubside Jumping (translated and edited by Jumper News)

Photos: © Hubside Jumping / Sportfot