CSI 5*

Alexa Ferrer & Encantado C’SG Accelerate to Win €30,000 Hubside Speed Challenge CSI 5*

Grimaud, France – September 16, 2021 – Alexa Ferrer (FRA) and her impressive Encantado C’SG scored their first victory in a 5* class! If Ireland, with Mark McAuley (IRL), seemed to have control of the class, it was without counting on the French couple, last to go. By finishing the course in 66.35 seconds and not a single pole on the ground, the French rider was the winner in the Grimaud arena. “It’s my first victory at 5* level, so I’m delighted,” confided Alexa.

Even if it’s a speed class it’s already a good class. My horse was on form and going at the end gave me a real sense of what I needed to do to win. For a first day it was a subtle course, there was a line at the end with a turn and the treble as before last which was rather tricky. Encantado will do the big 1.55m class tomorrow (Friday) and I’m going to put my mare, Uranie, in Sunday’s Grand Prix. Encantado will do the one next week.”  By crossing the finishing line in the second fastest time, 67.63 seconds, Mark McAuley (IRL) riding Jasco Vd Bisschop climbed onto the second step of the podium in front of his compatriot Michael Duffy (IRL) who partnered Jeff Ten Halven (68,68 seconds).

Alexa Ferrer (FRA) & Encantado C’SG during the awards ceremonhy

Final Results – €30,000 Hubside Speed Challenge CSI 5*

1) Alexa Ferrer (FRA) & Encantado C’S – 0 / 66.35

2) Mark Mcauley (IRL) & Jasco Vd Bisschop – 0 / 67.63

3) Michael Duffy (IRL) & Jeff Ten Halven – 0 / 68.68

Source: Press Release by Juliette Gorin / Aliénor de La Rochefoucauld / Anchor Equitation for Hubside Jumping Grimaud 

Photos: © Sportfot