McLain Ward & HH Azur are the Aces in $137,000 Tourmaline Oil Cup CSIO 5*

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – September 10, 2021 – The second competition of the day in the International Ring at the Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ was one for the history books: fans were able to join us on the property and watch showjumping at Spruce Meadows for the first time in 2 years. What a competitive and entertaining competition they were treated to.

The 12 obstacle (15 jumping efforts) course designed by Leopoldo Palencios (VEN) challenged some of the top riders in the world, including the likes of McLain Ward (USA), Martin Fuchs (SUI), Max Khuner (AUT), and Nayel Nassar (EGY). Canadian fan-favourites Eric Lamaze (CAN), Mario Deslauriers, Ben Asselin, and Tiffany Foster also took to the ring, where they were greeted by enthusiastic cheers from the small crowd who sat around the ring.

With 8 horses and riders in the jump-off, spectators were treated to a thrilling competition as the athletes took on the 300m track with a time allowed of 45 seconds. McLain Ward (USA) was the first to go for the jump-off, and none of the remaining riders managed to touch his zero-fault ride of 37.38 seconds. In fact, Ward was the only double-clear, with second place going to Nassar who accrued 3 time faults in the jump-off. 

“(HH Azur)’s always been a very fast horse. She’s got a massive stride, she’s a big mare… and she can cover the ground, and quick off the leg, so she’s actually traditionally been a quick horse,” Ward told reporters after his win. He also confirmed that he would be riding HH Azur in tomorrow’s BMO Nation’s Cup. 

Final Results – $137,000 Tourmaline Oil Cup CSIO 5*

1) McLain Ward (USA) & HH Azur – 0 / 0 – 37.38

2) Nayel Nassar (EGY) & Coronado – 0 / 3 – 47.61

3) Kent Farrigton (USA) & Creedance – 0 / 4 – 38.34

Source: Press Release from Spruce Meadows

Photo: © Spruce Meadows Media / Mike Sturk