The Course for the Team Jumping Final at the Olympic Games in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan – August 07, 2021 – It’s time for one last dance, one last prance, it’s showtime for showjumping during the 2020 edition of the Olympic Games and this time Olympic medals are at stake. National pride is on the line as ten teams are still standing strong in pursuit of a medal after the Friday’s qualifier at the Japanese capital. Once again, Santiago Varela (ESP) is the mastermind behind another challenging course, featuring 14 obstacles and a total of 18 elements set at the maximum height of 1.65 meters while requiring combinations to travel at the speed of 400 meters minute.

Please refer to the link below for the course design and stay tuned for our post with the order-of-go of nations, riders and horses in this epic battle for gold & glory.

Text: Jumper News, no reproduction without permission

Source: Olympics.com

Photo: © FEI / Christophe Taniére