The Hubside Jumping de Valence is Back! Two Weeks of CSI 5* & CSI 4* Action in August!

Saint-Tropez, France – July 28, 2021 – The Hubside Jumping de Valence is back from 19 to 22 and from 26 to 29 august 2021!

The ring of the Haras des Grillons, located in a natural setting, is getting ready to play host to the world’s best riders who are used to coming to the event: for its sixth edition, it may well welcome the new Olympic stars who have just come back from Tokyo. Children’s activities, the exhibitor’s village and a surprise show will punctuate two weekends of competition around this same ring. Spectators will be able to discover local craftsmen who will be promoting the skills and crafts of Drôme.

Free Entry – Show – Free Games & Children’s Activities – Exhibitors’ Village

Save the date! After a year’s break due to the health crisis, the Hubside Jumping de Valence is back in Drôme! This free event, open to everyone, has kept its essential identity, based on bringing together as many people as possible: the world’s best riders, equestrian sport fans or those who just want to enjoy entertainment in a fun and family setting. Many activities for little ones, an exhibitors’ village and a show will be organised alongside the classes

The ring of the Haras des Grillons, located in a natural setting, is getting ready to play host to the world’s best riders who are used to coming to the event: for its sixth edition, it may well welcome the new Olympic stars who have just come back from Tokyo. Children’s activities, the exhibitor’s village and a surprise show will punctuate two weekends of competition around this same ring. Spectators will be able to discover local craftsmen who will be promoting the skills and crafts of Drôme.

Two Weekends Among The Champions

The Hubside Jumping de Valence was launched in 2015 by Sadri Fegaier (FRA), a Drôme native, successful businessman and also an international rider. It has become an essential leg of the world show jumping circuit playing host to the best riders. The event’s winners’ list alone tells the history of equestrian sport over the last ten years! In 2019, Roger-Yves Bost (FRA) aka “Bosty”, the French Olympic team gold medallist, won the Grand Prix in the Haras des Grillons’ ring. In 2018 and 2017, the class was dominated by America’s Kent Farrington (USA), who is also the current Olympic individual silver medallist. In 2017, the rider finished ahead of the 2008 Olympic individual gold medallist and sporting legend, Canada’s Eric Lamaze (CAN), who was third. In 2016, once again, two team gold medallists from the Rio Olympics, finished in second and third place on the podium: Kevin Staut (FRA) and Bosty (FRA).

It must be said that Sadri Fegaier (FRA), the organiser, has spared no effort to ensure that the riders and horses have the absolute best. With two rings extending over 100m by 50m and 90m by 50m, a 100m by 40m indoor school and its 5* stables, the Haras des Grillons is an ideal setting to organise a high-level show.

This year, for its sixth edition, the HUBSIDE JUMPING de VALENCE will feature four levels of competition: from 19 to 22 August, the CSI 5, 2 and 1* shows will boast prize money totalling €441,200, and from 26 to 29 August, the CSI 4, 2 and 1* shows will boast prize money totalling €301,800. The fifty-three classes over the two weeks of competition will allow riders to win points that count towards the discipline’s world rankings. France’s Cédric Longis and Grégory Bodo, who will just have come back from Tokyo, will be in charge of designing the courses’ tracks.

High-Level Show Jumping

Show jumping provides great entertainment. Besides sailing, equestrian sports are the only mixed discipline at the Olympics, and are a fabulous demonstration of teamwork, strength and technique. Although it might seem easy when you watch it, jumping over a fence is no mean feat. You need to have the right pace, be well-balanced, place the horse at the right distance from the fence according to its profile, and all of that without creating a power struggle… that the rider would lose from the outset considering the difference in size and weight between both parties involved. When the spectator on the edge of the ring feels the ground resonate under his feet to the pace of the horses’ cantering strides, then he understands the power of these exceptional athletes

The HUBSIDE JUMPING de VALENCE is open to everyone free of charge, to allow as many people as possible to discover this exceptional entertainment. Two classes that the public particularly look forward to: the “Six Bar” competition in which the height of the poles is progressively raised every time a horse and rider combination jumps a clear round (in 2019, Italy’s Emanuele Gaudiano (ITA) cleared 1.96m in the CSI 3* and Great Britain’s Laura Renwick (GBR), 2.05m in the CSI 4*!), followed by a surprise show. Surprise because the name of the artist or group performing in the ring at the Haras des Grillons will only be announced a few minutes before they step into the arena. Sunday’s Grand Prix is another key moment of the HUBSIDE JUMPING de VALENCE, and is the most important class of each weekend of competition. From Thursday to Saturday, the riders need to have several good performances to qualify for this big final. The Grand Prix takes place in two parts: the first round and then the jump-off.

Only horse and rider combinations that have jumped the first round clear, in the allowed time, can go through to the second round which is against the clock. In a jump-off, the horse and rider combinations must jump a reduced course clear in the fastest time possible. A Grand Prix course designer will play with the distances between the fences, the way they are positioned, the type of poles used, the colours and the order of the elements used in the combinations, to make the riders think. The Grand Prix is the class which offers the most prize money. In Valence, the CSI 5* Grand Prix boasts prize money of €200,000, and the CSI 4* boasts €100,000 of prize money

Two Weeks of Festivities and Sharing

The HUBSIDE JUMPING de VALENCE is an archetypal family event which can also be enjoyed around the ring. In the Children’s Village, little ones will discover the horse world through the many activities on offer. Adults will be able to enjoy the exhibitors’ village, which will showcase Drôme’s art of living, with local craftsmen and producers, without forgetting equestrian sport products, and of course the event’s official boutique.

We really missed you last year and I can’t hide the immense joy of seeing you strolling through the village again, among the exhibitors, enjoying the children’s activities, cheering on the riders around the ring. Sport and festivities are rightly to the fore again this summer: the values which were so important to us, sharing, fair play, respect and humility, are even more so now. So thank you very much for coming back to the HUBSIDE JUMPING de VALENCE. I wish you all great weeks of wonderful sport and a very enjoyable event!” rounds off Sadri Fegaier, a few weeks before the highly-anticipated return of the competition, to the Haras des Grillons de Ratières, where everything began!

About the Haras des Grillons

The Haras des Grillons was founded by Sadri Fegaier (FRA), the successful businessman and renowned international rider. Today it is a major venue for the trading of highlevel sport horses and international equestrian sport. The Ratières site, in Drôme, is mainly used for the training and trading of high-level horses; the site in Grimaud, in Var, has been operational since 2019 and is dedicated to show jumping competitions.

The Ratirères site was created in 2010. This elegant and modern twenty-seven-hectare equestrian estate has played host to many champions, in a natural setting between Valence and Lyon. Around thirty horses, which have been carefully selected by the Haras des Grillons’ professional riders, are accommodated in the stables and are trained daily to become the elite of the future. The exceptional facilities of the Haras des Grillons are open to the public once a year for the HUBSIDE JUMPING DE VALENCE for two weekends of sport and passion.

The Grimaud site has also been playing host to the HUBSIDE JUMPING GRIMAUD GULF OF SAINT TROPEZ since 2019. The World champions come together several times a year, in these completely renovated stables: in the spring, at the beginning of the summer and in the autumn. The brand new 120 x 70m ring, next to a 100 x 50m warm-up ring, boasts optimal conditions to organise international competitions, including two CSI5* shows, the highest level of competition under the auspices of the Fédération Equestre Internationale.

While taking an environmentally responsible approach. The brand offers a wide range of additional services connected to its multimedia products: a repair and recycling service, multimedia and lifestyle equipment rental, the creation of websites, multimedia insurance, etc. In 2021, the group will boast 100 sales outlets in France and in Europe and 500 3 years from now. To support its expansion, Hubside.Store has launched a recruitment campaign for 600 people in France and expects to generate a volume of business of 100 million euros in 2021.

Mastery, commitment, passion and quality are HUBSIDE’s core values. Hubside therefore chose to associate its brand with the show jumping world. Equestrian sport is very demanding, requires self-control, dedication and precision; the qualities essential to riders to achieve a high level of excellence and performance in their discipline.

HUBSIDE is also the main sponsor of the Cascais Charms Team, comprising six experienced and talented riders including Roger-Yves Bost (FRA), Sadri Fegaier, Ahmad Hamcho (SYR), Jodie Hall McAteer (GBR), Eric Lamaze (CAN) and René Lopez (COL). This team, wearing the company’s colours, competes in the Global Champions League legs, a new circuit in the horse world, which brings together the world’s best show jumping riders throughout the year in seventeen of the world’s most renowned destinations. This partnership contributes to HUBSIDE’s international reputation and the brand is delighted to support the Cascais Charms Team in this amazing adventure.

Reminder of the 2019 edition in figures:


Practical information for the Public

• Open to everyone, free entry

• Address: Haras des Grillons 440 chemin du Merdaret – 26330 Ratières

• Access: from the A7 motorway, take exit 13 towards Saint-Donat sur l’Herbasse ; from the A49 motorway, take exit 7 towards Saint-Donat sur l’Herbasse

• Additional information: www.jumping-valence.com

Source: Press Release by Daniel Koroloff / Blizko Communication for Hubside Jumping

Photo: © Hubside Jumping