CSI 5*

Steve Guerdat & PB Maserati Turn on the Turbo to Win €51,100 Ducati Prize CSI 5* at Chantilly

Chantilly, France – July 10, 2021 – Saturday was a perfect day for the Guerdat (SUI) family on the Arena Grandes Ecuries, still as beautiful, still as green. An almost honeymoon setting for a beautiful couple’s story. Victory for Steve Guerdat (SUI) who won the Ducati Prize CSI 5* and second place and first 5* rosette for his young wife, Fanny Skalli (FRA), in the M1 CSI5* H&H. But what was the most beautiful moment of the day for the Swiss champion?

What was already a beautiful story, became almost a fairy tale when a few hours later, Steve Guerdat (SUI) triumphed in the Prix Ducati bis (1.50m) with PB Maserati. A class where the lead was long held by a French rider, Julien Gonin (FRA) with Valou du Lys (Calvaro F.C. x Galoubet A) but which Steve took over with speed yet also serenity: “Yes, that’s what I like about this usually very respectful horse. The course was not particularly big, but it was very tricky.

Gonin and Valou du Lys (Calvaro F.C. x Galoubet A) would only be overcome by the eventual winners, finishing second due to their time of 71.33 seconds.

Martin Fuchs (SUI) and Conner 70 ( Connor 48 x Cosimo) rounded out the top three with no penalties and a time of 71.52 seconds.

The fences have quite soft tones that don’t make the horses react very much and they have to be very careful not to touch them. I rode the course exactly as I had imagined it when I walked it, without taking any more risks than I had planned,” said Guerdat.

Steve Guerdat (SUI) & PB Maserati

Another victory for the Swiss rider, but what gave him the greatest pleasure today? This performance – almost a routine for him – or the first ribbon for his wife? “My victory”, he answers spontaneously with a mischievous smile, but explaining with the utmost seriousness: “First of all, I do sport and of course it’s great for Fanny and I’m happy when she wins, she’s done a very good round and I’m very proud of her. But I also do this sport for me, for my horses, for my owners and it is important to win. It is a double joy really.”

Podium: 2) Julien Gonin (FRA) 1) Steve Guerdat 3) Martin Fuchs (SUI)

Final Results – €51,100 Prix Ducati CSI 5*

1) Steve Guerdat (SUI) & PB Maserati – 0 / 68.04

2) Julien Gonin (FRA) & Valou du Lys – 0 / 71.33

3) Martin Fuchs (SUI) & Conner 70 – 0 / 71.52

Source: Press Release by Pascal Renauldon / Agence R&B Presse for Masters of Chantilly / EEM

Photos: © Rolex Masters of Chantilly / Pascal Renauldon / Agence R&B Presse / Jessica Rodrigues / EEM