CSIO of Rome: €200,000 Intesa Sanpaolo Nations Cup & €400,000 Rolex Grand Prix Amongst Major Attractions

Rome, Italy – May 24, 2021 – There will be four days of competitions in two different arenas–the Piazza di Siena oval and the arena at the Galoppatoio di Villa Borghese – hosting ten classes with courses designed by the show’s world-famous chef de piste Uliano Vezzani, and above all total prizemoney amounting to 800,000 euros. This is the top level sports programme for the 88th CSIO of Rome at Piazza di Siena.

The show begins on Thursday May 27th with the DeNiroBoot Prize at the Galoppatoio di Villa Borghese. The class opening the 2021 CSIO (starting at 10:30 am with €5,000 in prizemoney) is a speed class over a 1.45m track.

The show then moves to the grass arena in Piazza di Siena (at 1.15 pm) with a competition in two phases (h.1.50; prizemoney €12,000 followed at 4:00 pm by the Land Rover Prize, a class against the clock with jumps at 1.55m. The prizemoney for this class, which is the most important of the day, is €26,000.

Friday is the day of the prestigious Intesa Sanpaolo Nations Cup. At 2:30 pm on the dot the first rider of the twelve teams competing will enter the oval at Piazza di Siena. This is a class over two rounds with prizemoney amounting to €200,000.

Before the Nations Cup is held the Piazza di Siena oval will host the MAG Prize, a class against the clock (at 10:45 am – h.1.55m – €26,000 and at the start of the day (hosted at the sand arena at the Galoppatoio di Villa Borghese), the Safe Riding Prize in two phases (8:00 am – h.1.45m – €6,000

The programme for Saturday May 29th, held entirely in Piazza di Siena, is also rich in prizemoney and will have a high technical-sporting profile. After an exciting accumulator with jolly class – KEP Italia Prize (9:30 am – h.1.50m – 10,000 €) the ENI Small Grand Prix will be held (12:00 am). This class, a testing Table A class with jumps measuring 1.60m has prizemoney amounting to €95,000 and the day will end with the spectacular Loro Piana Six Bars (starting at 6:00 pm – €20,000 ).

The grand finale will take place on Sunday May 30th. On the final day of the 88th edition of the Rome CSIO at Piazza di Siena, focus will be entirely on the prestigious and rich €400,000 Rolex Grand Prix of Rome CSIO 5* (1:00 pm). It is a class over two rounds with jumps at 1.60 metres which will end giving us the name of the winner of what is one of the most coveted Grands Prix in the world.

Source: Press Release from Piazza Di Siena

Photo: © Simone Ferraro/CONI