Countdown to The Masters of Chantilly: Less than 100 Days until a Super Spectacle!

Chantilly, France – March 30, 2021 –  New prestigious start for EEM: a Masters of Chantilly with Rolex as a partner, set in a unique world setting, located between the Château des Princes de Condé and the Great Stables, built 300 years ago by the seventh prince de Condé, Louis Henri de Bourbon. The last erected the most majestic monument ever dedicated to the horse, with a capacity of 240 horses. Since 2004, this site, set on the green grass of the two arenas at the heart of the racecourse, one of the most prestigious stops on the international circuit, which hosts a CSI5* (the highest level of competition in the International Equestrian Federation hierarchy), and the best riders in the world.

At the helm of this new event: EEM, along with its President and Founder, Christophe Ameeuw, is in constant search for innovations and original ideas to enhance the great sport of show jumping.

In this sublime princely setting, the Masters of Chantilly will undoubtedly be the prominent event of the “post-pandemic season” with a unique dimension, as Chantilly is not only a world Capital of the Horse, but also a true “City of Art and History” (an official label awarded in 2007). A combination of horse and art, which will certainly be the trademark of this Masters. “What Aachen is to Germany, Chantilly will be to France”, promises Christophe Ameeuw.

A new appointment in the international sporting calendar with Rolex, an independent Swiss watch manufacturer, a loyal partner of equestrian sports for over 60 years, becoming official sponsor, official timepiece and title sponsor of the Grand Prix.

In July, spectators, masked or not, will be able to find their way back to top sporting events. Regular spectators will discover a new environment, set under the Masters’ colors, with new spaces, and a new village offering entertainment, lifestyle, art, culture and other equestrian and non-equestrian stores.

See you from July 8 to 11, 2021 for The Masters of Chantilly!

The official poster of the Masters of Chantilly, a work by the American artist Aaron Lowell Denton

Each year, EEM calls upon an internationally renowned artist to create the visuals for its events. For this premiere of the Masters of Chantilly, Christophe Ameeuw and Artistic Director Bruno Danto, asked the American artist Aaron Lowell Denton to create the collector’s poster which is revealed here. Based near Bloomington, Indiana, Denton is an eclectic artist capable of creating logos for a South Korean record store as well as various illustrations for the prestigious New York Times and The Atlantic publications. He has created many posters and many album covers, in a slightly retro and even surrealist style. The Masters of Chantilly is his first foray into the equestrian theme.

Aaron Lowell Denton

What inspired you to create this piece?

This poster is mainly inspired by Franco Grignani’s work. His pop-art design style has a great influence on my work. I wanted to convey the movement of a horse jumping in a dynamic and energetic way, and I think the simplicity of the flowing line achieved that.

Do you know anything about the equestrian world?

No, not at all! After being invited to work on the artistic aspect of this project, I found a rich heritage of show jumping event posters that was very inspiring. There is a long visual tradition in this sport that I am happy to be a part of now.

Chantilly is known as the Capital of the Horses and of art (4,000 horses, the second largest collection, after the Louvre, of ancient works of art – before the 19th century – in France): did you know about this place?

I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know about Chantilly until I researched it after I received the request. I visited France once when I was a teenager, but I didn’t go to Chantilly. I’d love to visit one day

Source: Press Release by Pascal Renauldon / Agence R&B Presse for Masters of Chantilly

Photos: © Masters of Chantilly / Agence R&B Presse / Jessica Rodrigues