Equine Herpes Virus – Rhinopneumonia: Official Statement from the Sunshine Tour

Vejer de La Frontera, Spain – February 26, 2021 –The organizing committee of the 2021 Sunshine Tour released a statement last Friday regarding the Equine Herpes Virus – Rhinopneumonia outbreak in Spain.

Their official announcement states the following:

“That to date no positive cases of Rhinopneumonia (EHV / 1 and EHV / 4) have been detected.

That there are no horses in the facilities that show any symptoms compatible with this disease.

That the reason why several horses are in isolation is because they came from Valencia, and are undergoing quarantine that will end on February 28th, as required by the Health Authority and the International Equestrian Federation.

We wish to emphasize the above in order to avoid any false rumours.

Source: Press Release from the Sunshine Tour

Photo: © Sunshine Tour