Desert International Horse Park & West Palms Events Join Forces to Create $500,000 Jumper Event Series in 2020

Thermal, California, USA – Oct. 5, 2020 – Desert International Horse Park (DIHP) and West Palms Event Management (WPEM) have combined forces to create an exciting fall for jumper riders on the West Coast with over $500,000 in prize money.

Earlier today WPEM announced an innovative new jumper event, Riders Cup, to be held Nov. 18-22 at the Del Mar Horse Park in Del Mar, Calif. which includes a $100,000 Riders Cup Grand Prix.

DIHP’s existing schedule already includes a $250,000 STX Grand Prix during its National Sunshine Series Week II and a $40,000 Voltaire Grand Prix during the second week of its inaugural Desert Holiday circuit. DIHP will add additional prize money to the Grand Prix held during the second week of Desert Holiday to now create a $100,000 Voltaire Grand Prix.

On top of the $450,000 in prize money from these three Grand Prixs – DIHP’s $250,000 STX Grand Prix (Nov. 7), WPEM’s $100,000 Riders Cup Grand Prix (Nov. 22), and DIHP’s $100,000 Voltaire Grand Prix (Dec. 13) – DIHP and WPEM will award an additional $50,000 Rider Bonus to the top rider from all three events combined.

“Working with West Palms demonstrates what show managers can do when we work together to give riders something new, something big, and something they really want,” shared Steve Hankin, President and CEO of DIHP. “The three Grand Prix events are spaced out perfectly. Riders will have a month off before our Desert Circuit begins, which includes five weeks of FEI competition, culminating in an FEI 4* $250,000 Grand Prix.”

“We are looking forward to working together with Desert International Horse Park to elevate the jumper scene on the West Coast,” noted Dale Harvey, CEO of WPEM. “The event, now paired with two of DIHP’s Grand Prixs, gives jumper riders an opportunity to end the year on a high note.”

WPEM’s Riders Cup Prize List is available on their website at www.westpalmsevents.com. To learn more about DIHP and view their National Sunshine Series and Desert Holiday Prize Lists, go to www.deserthorsepark.com.

Source: Press release from West Palms Events

Photo: © West Palms Events

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