Riders from 20 Countries Ready to Battle at Prague Cup CSIO 3*

Prague, Czech Republic – August 21, 2020 – The organizers from the Czech Equestrian Team are registering huge interest in competing within the international show-jumping event Prague Cup CSIO 3* that is being held at the Chuchle Arena Praha, from August 20th until 23rd. Riders from twenty countries are already competing in the Czech capital

For twelve years Prague nor any other city in the Czech Republic did not experience show-jumping classes of the level of the FEI Nations Cup. The last time it happened was in 2008 at Cisarsky Ostrov in Prague. Absolutely exceptional riders and competition are gathered in the Czech capital this August.

The official international show-jumping meeting CSIO3* Prague Cup in Prague´s Velka Chuchle attracts riders from twenty nations for several reasons. “Firstly, the FEI Longines Nations Cup series has been cancelled so this year there are only three CSIO events in senior category. Another reason is definitely the possibility to fulfill so-called MER, Minimum Eligibility Requirements for the upcoming Olympic Games.

In addition, the postponement of the Olympics has caused the need for those who have this minimum limit for Tokyo participation met since 2019 to provide a confirmatory result. The interest is, therefore, huge from a number of individual riders as well,” Marketa Svenkova, the event director said. “Individual riders can fulfill the MER and confirmatory result within the first round of Friday´s Nations Cup and Sunday´s Grand Prix. We also have three competitions included in the LonginesRanking and total prize money is EUR 270, 300,” the director of Prague CSIO in Chuchle continues.

Individual teams gradually apply through the International Equestrian Federation system and completely full capacity can be expected. “We have thirteen teams confirmed, including the Czech Republic. We opened the registration system on Friday, July 31st and teams from Slovakia, Argentina, Poland and Netherlands for example have already registered over the weekend. We also expect complete teams from Belgium, Egypt, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Germany, New Zealand and Austria and we have five more teams on the waiting list, such as Switzerland, USA or Great Britain. We have officially stated in the schedule that eleven teams plus Czech Republic will be invited, in the addition to which the FEI has used the right of the wild card and sent us the Argentinian team as well,” Svenkova reveals. Based on the preliminary meeting with the representatives within the Czech show-jumping Cup in Olomouc, specific names of riders for the Czech team have been proposed. With regard to the announced non-participation of Emma Augier De Moussac´s mare Diva, the host country will be represented by Anna Kellnerova, Ales Opatrny, Kamil Papousek and Ondrej Zvara. “As for the Olympic goals, the only one of Czech riders not needing the confirmation result or MER is Ales Opatrny with Forever, but he will try to fulfill the Minimum Eligibility Requirements with horse Gentleman van het Veldhof, all others need confirmation result and to fulfill MER with other horses,” Marketa Svenkova specifies.

Great team will be representing Poland, for example, with riders Michal Kazmierczak or Andrzej Oplatek. Dutch team will be represented by Jeroen Dubbeldam, Eric Van Der Vleuten, Jur Vrieling and Frank Schuttert. Egypt will also have a very good team with Karim Elzoghby, Abdel Saïd, Nayel Nassar, Mouda Zeyada, and Sameh El Dahan. Bronislav Chudyba, Radovan Sillo, Andrej Holly, Jan Cigan, Michal Zak will represent Slovakia, Bertram Allen, Anthony Condon, Michael Duffy, Mark Mcauley and David Simpson will represent Ireland. The Japanese team is coached by Paul Schockemöhle who also announced that he will come to Prague with his riders. Pius Schwizer from Switzerland is definitely worth mentioning among the individual riders. In total, riders from twenty countries will take part of the Prague CSIO.

In addition to the members of Czech national A-team, the Czech Republic will be represented by Martin Reznicek, Alena Gasperl, Linda Portychova, Tereza Svobodova, Adam and Oliver Pisarik, Valentyna Kukova, Katerina Kucerova. Rudolf Dolezal, Jakub Sterba, Sergej Motygin, Filip Dolezal, Vladimir Tretera or Jan Stetina will probably appear in the highest competitions
Despite the huge interest, the organizers have set maximum limits on how many riders and horses they can accept. “We try to keep the maximum number of participants on 320 horses, which is the total stable capacity. This number is basically filled by now, we have many horses on the waiting list, whom we will add up to the numbers,” Marketa Svenkova estimates.

All further details on CSIO3 * Prague Cup international show-jumping even can be found at http://www.csiopraha.cz, where a link to online ticket sale via the GoOut network is also be placed.

Source: Press release from CSIO Praha

Photo: © CSIO Praha / Tomáš Holcbecher