Additional Info on COVID-19 Positive Result from West Palms Welcome Back

2020. News Update on COVID-19 Positive Result
West Palms Events would like to provide additional information about the official who recently tested positive for COVID-19 subsequent to attending West Palms Welcome Back 1 and 2 at the Del Mar Horse Park:
  • As soon as we learned of the positive result, we initiated our contact tracing protocols and notified the individuals who were in direct contact with the affected person. Those individuals are taking appropriate measures as recommended by the county health department.
  • If you were not contacted individually, we do not believe that you had direct contact with the affected official.
  • The official worked in various parts of the show grounds and was not stationed in an indoor space.
We are confident that as long as participants adhere to face covering and social distancing practices, they are at no greater risk at a horse show than when engaging in normal day-to-day activities.
If you have additional concerns please contact Adrienne at ak@westpalmsevents.com or (818) 987-3336 or Dale at dale@westpalmsevents.com or (714) 785-9467.
2020. News Update on COVID-19 Positive Result 2
Source: Press release from West Palms Events
Photo: © West Palms Events