Keean White Urges Equestrian Canada to Make Use of Masks Mandatory

2020. News Keean White Urges EC to force Use of Masks AT

Toronto, Canada – July 25, 2020 – Keean White (CAN), the founder and organizer of Angelstone Tournaments, released a statement yesterday regarding the use of masks at horse shows in Canada during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. He urged Equestrian Canada (Canada Équestre) to take tighter measures for the sport to continue running during this time of crisis.

The Canadian’s statement was the following:

“I think it’s time the Equestrian community puts pressure on Equestrian Canada to make masks mandatory at all Equestrian events. Let’s follow in the footsteps that Belgium took today following a fantastic letter written by Eric Lamaze. There is no reason for our community to take health and safety for granted, and it is up to us to operate in a way that does not jeopardize the future of our sport during this pandemic.”

“Unfortunately not all events in Canada are currently taking this pandemic seriously, and it puts at risk the sport we love for everyone.”

“To operate an event during this pandemic is a responsibility, not a right, and I strongly urge our National Fédération to act swiftly on this matter.”


Keean White

Source: Angelstone Tournaments – Facebook page

Photo: © Angelstone Tournaments