Edwina Tops-Alexander’s 20 Questions with Margie Engle

2020. Interviews Edwina Tops-Alexander's 20 Q's with Margie Engle LGCT

Wellington, Florida, USA – June 15, 2020 – This week on GCTV the inspirational Margie Goldstein-Engle (USA) gives an insight into her lifelong passion for horses and how she started riding by working to earn the lessons that helped set her on the road to show jumping stardom.

On Edwina Tops-Alexander’s 20QS and The Insider At Home she tells of her early determination to take part in the sport that would see her go on to win almost 250 Grand Prix, and to be named American Rider Of The Year ten times. She says “I’ve always loved animals, and I always loved sports. When I was young, around 8 or 9, I worked in the dog and cat kennels in exchange for extra rides, then grooming around the barn, and I just did anything I could to earn extra rides instead of earning money.”

Margie reveals her all-time favourite horses and riders and speaks fondly of her top horses Royce and Dicas: “Royce looks huge, but he’s just a big boned horse, I compare him to a big football player. Dicas is more like a basketball player, he’s all legs, he’s really tall and lanky” – though Margie also says “Everyone thinks I look for these big horses but I really don’t, they just kind of find me!”

Margie, speaking from her base in Florida, talked about the Longines Global Champions Tour circuit raising the bar in show jumping and said: “I see the sport growing immensely. The Global Champions Tour has really upped the game, and the Grand Prix are getting bigger all around the world, it’s getting much wider spread and it’s growing in different countries. I just see it growing and growing, I think it’s heading in a good direction.”

Riding for the GCL team Cannes Stars along with champion Canadian rider Eric Lamaze, Margie praised the innovative concept of riders from different countries united on the same team for the first time: “It’s really a special feeling going on a team with someone you’re used to competing against. I like the concept, it builds camaraderie. It was really special, it still gives me chills watching him (Cannes Stars teammate Eric Lamaze). It was a new experience and it was a lot of fun.”

With typical good humour Margie describes herself as “stubborn, loyal to a fault, and a bit of a class clown”, and when asked what was the best advice she was given, said her first instructor told her “Take the word ‘can’t’ out of your vocabulary.”

Margie also speaks of the causes close to her heart, in particular the Make A Wish Foundation. She speaks movingly of the inspirational story of a young girl battling cancer and her incredible story of determination and courage.

Margie also picks her favourite LGCT/GCL shows naming her ‘home’ event in Miami Beach and Valkenswaard saying: “For the horses I think Valkenswaard is my favourite [event], because there’s a lot of room, and it’s nice permanent stabling and I think for the horses it’s one of my favourite places. I love the size of the field and the ring that we compete in, and the schooling areas, the whole set up, the VIP area is just amazing. It’s just got everything.”

Finally, Margie gives fans an exclusive insight into some of her training methods with a set of exercises on Tips & Tricks based on her lengthy experience in show jumping across the decades.

Edwina Tops-Alexander’s 20QS with Margie Goldstein-Engle is available on GCTV on demand from Monday 15 June.

Source: Press release from LGCT – Longines Global Champions Tour

Photo: © LGCT / Stefano Grasso