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Returning to National Shows Post COVID-19 Lockdown in England

2020. Returning to Shows Post COVID-19 Lockdwon in England BSLondon, England – June 01, 2020 – Following latest UK Government advice British Showjumping are now in a position to allow Training Shows to be run with immediate effect. Show Organisers have already started adding dates to the Show Calendar which can be found be visiting here.

Dates are being added to our database daily so please do visit the Show Calendar frequently to find shows that may be running near you.

Before attending any British Showjumping training or competition shows it is important that you familiarise yourself with the COVID-19 protocols that have been put in place to assist ensure your, and others, safety and minimise the spread of the infection.

UK Government guidance is being updated frequently, therefore it is imperative that you familiarise yourself with the latest information prior to your leaving for a show.

Guidance of the key points and information portals you need to visit or be aware of are as follows:


  • Visit the Public Health England (PHE) website for up-to-date guidance regarding Social Distancing, Health and Wellbeing. This will include information on:
    • Staying at home if you think you have coronavirus: self-isolating
    • Staying alert and safe outside you home: social distancing, hand washing, barrier wear
    • Driving and transport in the UK

Further information is also available on the PHE website ranging from the UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy through to being tested for Coronavirus and the support that is available to individuals and companies.


  • Read the member information for phased return of activity here
  • Information on British Showjumping Training Shows can be found below
  • All shows will operate under UK Government COVID-19 protocols
  • Each venue will also have their own COVID-19 protocols and it is important you are familiar with them before you arrive at the venue. They will be sent to you when your entry is confirmed.

It is imperative that all members strictly adhere to the COVID-19 protocols set out by the UK Government, British Showjumping and the Show Venue.  Should anyone not adhere to these they will be asked to leave the venue immediately and reported accordingly.  Should such an incident occur others may also be asked to leave as a result to ensure the safety of others and minimise any risk to health.

Competitor Information on British Showjumping Training Shows

Please note British Showjumping guidance will be regularly reviewed and could be subject to change in line with the further Government advice.  We will update operating procedures for Scotland and Wales as and when information is available from the devolved Governments allowing the resumption of activity.

Training Shows

  • All training shows will operate under the same COVID-19 protocols as all other British Showjumping activity during this time
  • Schedules for training shows will be available to view on the British Showjumping calendar
  • There are three categories of training show;
    • Up to 1.10m for horses
    • 1m and over for horses
    • Ponies


  • Classes to be scheduled as single phase or two phase.
  • Any height Open class (in line with the training show category) or Clear Round can be scheduled
  • Eligibility for classes in relation ages of rider on horses/ponies as per national rules.


  • All other competition rules remain the same as national rules

Tack and Dress Code

  • The same tack and equipment rules apply as per national rules
  • Competitors are not required to wear competition dress however clothing must be safe and appropriate. i.e., Jackets and stocks/ties are not required and competitors can wear breeches of any colour and short or long-sleeved polo/t-shirts should they prefer.

Entries and Results

  • During the period 1st June – 5th July 2020 members will be advised to only attend British Showjumping activity which is within the region in which they reside or venues closest to them.
  • All entries and payments to be completed online in advance of the show date. Specific individual timeslots to be allocated on close of entries allowing a minimum of 3 mins per combination. Competitor times to be available 48 hours in advance of the show starting.
  • Any day tickets must be obtained online prior to the close of entry. The £5 Day Ticket fee, for non-members/unregistered horses, has been removed to allow availability of complimentary tickets for an initial period of four weeks. Please note priority entry will be given to members.
  • Results will not be graded by British Showjumping, but attendance will be recorded for monitoring purposes.
  • No prize money however venues may refund entry fees for placings and/or double clears if they wish to.

Source: Press release from British Showjumping

Photo: © British Showjumping