Edwina Tops-Alexander’s 20 Questions with Anna Kellnerová

2020. Interviews Edwina's 20 Questions with Anna Kellnerova LGCT

Prague, Czech Republic – June 08, 2020 – Get to know Prague Lions Team Owner and talented U25 rider Anna Kellnerová in conversation with Edwina Tops-Alexander on this week’s 20 Q’s! Find out about Anna’s passion, ambition and determination to succeed, as well as the ‘one-of-a-kind’ GC Prague Playoffs held in her home city.

Find out what it means to Anna to have the prestigious and high-octane Playoffs in the Czech Republic, and how the event has helped to grow the popularity of show jumping in the country – plus, hear Anna’s advice for success, and her dream guests for a family-focused dinner party. Watch it all now on demand here!

Source: Press release from LGCT – Longines Global Champions Tour

Photo: © Longines Global Champions Tour