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Brian Moggre & MTM Flutterby Fly to Capture $36,000 Welcome Speed CSI 3* at Kentucky Spring Classic

2019. Welcome Lexington CSI 3 Brian Moggre & MTM Flutterby PS Barre Dukes.jpg

Lexington, Kentucky – May 15, 2019 Wednesday welcomed the first day of the Kentucky Spring Classic and the start of international show jumping competition with the $36,000 Welcome Speed 1.45m CSI 3* in the Rolex Stadium. Thirty-seven horse-and-athlete combinations challenged the 14-effort speed track built by Kelvin Bywater (GBR), but the uncatchable fault-free time of 63.89 seconds set forth by Brian Moggre (USA) and Major Wager LLC’s MTM Flutterby proved worthy of the win by more than one full second.

The one-round speed track tested athletes over twelve obstacles with two combinations where Moggre completed two of the ten clear rounds produced. Moggre first entered aboard MTM Los Angeles, also owned by Major Wager LLC, finishing with a clear and conservative time of 71.97 seconds that would ultimately earn the tenth place award.

Over halfway into the class, Moggre returned riding his second mount, MTM Flutterby, a 12-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare. With five years of partnership shared between the two, Moggre had seen the track and knew where he could take risks aboard his trusty mare. The duo has captured countless career-highlighting wins, including the Black Barn $250,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Prix and individual bronze at the Adequan/FEI North American Junior Championships in 2016. Moggre’s blazing time of 63.89 seconds would best the previous leading time of 67.88, put forward by Luiz Francisco de Azevedo (BRA) and Collin, by nearly four seconds.

2019. Welcome Lexington CSI 3 Abigail McArdle & Victorio S PS Barre Dukes

Abigail McArdle (USA) & Victorio 5

Abigail McArdle (USA) immediately followed to challenge Moggre with the 13-year-old Hanoverian stallion, Victorio 5. The pair flew to a time of 65.63 seconds, but were unable to catch Moggre and temporarily take over the second-place position.

2019. Welcome Lexington CSI 3 Andy Kocher & Abelone O.T Lowlands Z PS Barre Dukes

Andy Kocher (USA) & Abelone O.T Lowlands Z

Andy Kocher (USA) and his own Abelone O.T Lowlands Z followed just behind McArdle to continue the pace set by the previous two leading athletes, riding to another quick time in 65.25 seconds. Kocher and his 8-year-old Zangersheide mare slid just between Moggre and McArdle to capture second place, moving McArdle to finish in third.

2019. Welcome Lexington CSI 3 Cel Brian Moggre & MTM Flutterby PS Barre Dukes

Brian Moggre (USA) & MTM Flutterby during the awards ceremony

Brian Moggre – $36,000 Welcome Speed 1.45m CSI 3*  Winner

On the class:
“I had two horses in the class today and I did my younger horse first. The plan for him was just to go clear and give him a nice and solid round. I knew on my second horse, the mare, that I could leave a stride out and turn tighter in certain places. I knew that if she was going to win one class this week that this was likely going to be it. I went for it and she was amazing. There were a lot of fences out there and so I had to make a plan during my course walk. I think that I had I had a consistent efficiency throughout the whole course that helped me be a little faster than everyone else.”

On MTM Flutterby:
“She is 12 this year. I’ve had her for five years. She was bred by Mike and Tracy, my trainers. She has taught me so much. I can always count on her, she’s my little speed demon. We know each other really well. She is very opinionated but that makes her great.”

On Kentucky Horse Shows:
“I love Kentucky so much. I think this is such a great ring, all horses love it. They all seem to be really happy here and it’s such a good atmosphere at this show.”

Results – $36,000 Welcome Speed 1.45m CSI 3*

Place / Rider / Country / Horse /  Faults | Time

1. Brian Moggre (USA) & MTM Flutterby – 0 | 63.89

2. Andrew Kocher (USA) & Abelone O.T Lowlands Z – 0 | 65.25

3. Abigail McArdle (USA) & Victorio 5 – USA / 0 | 65.63

4. Margie Engle (USA) & USA Normande – USA / 0 | 66.34

5. Luiz Francisco de Azevedo (BRA) & Collin –  0 |67.88

6. Todd Minikus (USA) & Calvalou – USA / 0 | 68.50

7. Taylor Kain (USA) & Caphur – 0 | 69.38

8. Peter Wylde (USA) & Canamera 2 – USA / 0 | 70.50

9. Lorcan Gallagher (IRL) & Cassandra F – 0 | 70.66

10. Brian Moggre (USA) & MTM Los Angeles – USA / 0 | 71.97

11. Eugenio Garza (MEX) & Pappa Ante Portas – 2 | 87.07

12. Todd Minikus (USA) & Amex Z – 4 | 63.66

Source: Press release by Barre Dukes / Phelps Media Group

Photos: © Phelps Sports / Barre Dukes